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Foreclosure Defense

By: Moneer Kheireddine

2015 has proved to be an interesting year for foreclosure within Florida, especially South Florida, with a significant drop in foreclosure cases for the first half of 2015. There has been a 30% drop in foreclosure since this same time just a year ago, and many are remaining hopeful on the positive change this will bring to South Florida residents. However, even with the thirty percent decrease, the region still ranks as the sixth highest foreclosure ratings in the state.

On a brighter note foreclosure activity in general within 2015 has decreased over 22% from last year. This reflects a hopefully bright future for Florida, however the state is still ranked number one in foreclosures across the nation. While foreclosure levels are reaching their lowest levels since 2006, Florida still has a large amount of catching up to do.

So while foreclosures are on a statistical decline, there is still a large amount of foreclosure cases pending. Blick Law Firm is invested in ensuring that you are able to properly understand and prevent foreclosure on your homes. Here are 4 foreclosure tips:

1. Think about selling assets you own. While you may be behind, it’s a sign of good faith to the lenders for you to give up some of your material items to keep your home.

2. Keep up with the lender. When you start approaching the risk of foreclosure, the lender will often offer up solutions to prevent this. Seek proper counsel and and take the best option for you and your loved ones.

3. Ask for a loan modification. Even if the lender denies the modification to decrease your interest or payment reduction, if the case proceeds to foreclosure you will be able to use this in your defense.

4. Remember the rights of the state. No matter what the lender may tell you, the state declares how many days must pass before foreclosure.

We here at Blick Law Firm are here to help the hurting and those in need when dealing with real estate matter such as a foreclosure on your home. We wish to help you with your foreclosure defense! If you have questions about foreclosure or any other real-estate issue, contact us at 813-931-0840 for a free consultation today!

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Foreclosure Defense | Real Estate Law

By: Moneer Kheireddine

Over the past few years, the amount of homeowners losing their homes to foreclosures has being increasing exponentially. Since 2006, over 5 million citizens of the United States have lost their homes to foreclosure. This number has steadily been increasing, and more and more people are facing their banks and lenders in the courtroom. And most of the time, the banks tend to win out over the average citizen, due to having much more experience in relation to the practice of foreclosure and already having a firm grasp of the law. However, homeowners are beginning to understand how foreclosure works and, more importantly, how to fight it. This has led to a growing number of homeowners being able to halt the foreclosing of their homes or at least delay the bank.

The most basic way to prevent a foreclosure is by modifying the mortgage. When you modify the mortgage, the homeowner essentially works with the lender to make mortgage more affordable for their current situation. It can be anything from a reduction in your monthly payments to stopping your payments for a certain amount of time. However, once the foreclosure actually begins, it can seem very hopeless to the average homeowner. The basics of your defense will have to be centered around proving that the bank does not have a right to foreclose on the property. How to go about this, however, can be very difficult.

That is why Blick Law Firm is here to help. We have years of experience battling foreclosures within the court and understand the in’s and out’s of how the mortgage industry functions. We are able to properly defend you and your family from losing your property and help prevent any further incidents. We highly encourage that if you, or someone you know, needs advice and a free consultation about a foreclosure defense, that you give us a call at 813-931-0840. We are here to help, and our vast experience within foreclosure defense allows us to assist you in protecting your home.

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Assistance for Legal Aid


It is a common notion that lawyers are unaffordable; Despite the fact that many lawyers offer special financing for certain customers or commission based payment for winning their cases, many people still believe that hiring a lawyer is just too expensive. As a result, many people have decided to fight their cases, on their own, leaving them to navigate the minutiae of legal terms, motions and laws by themselves. In fact, according to an article featured on the Tampa Bay Times, 90% of low income Floridians have decided to fight their own cases; These cases involve divorce, familial law, foreclosure and other civil cases.

The idea of fighting your own case in court is daunting. A person who has no idea of how the justice system works will find complications and hardships at every corner of their case, even if it is full proof. Remember, a lawyer isn’t just your representation in court, but they also serve as your coach guiding you through the myriad of forms, motions, counters and claims.

To aid in the provision of legal services to people who cannot afford it, the chief supreme justice of Florida, Jorge Labarga has commissioned 27 members to look for a solution for affordable legal aid. Of particular interest is the demographic of people’s whose income is too high to receive pro bono and special financing but not enough to pay, upfront, the large legal fees that attorney’s charge for their services.LEGAL AID SERVICES, .ATTORNEY FEES, LEGAL AID OFFICE, LEGAL FEES, AFFORDABLE LEGAL AID.1

Don’t go rush out to your local attorney just yet! Jorge has set a time table of 2 years to create a program solution to aid people, within a certain income demographic, with getting the legal assistance they need to fight their case.

If you are desperate for legal assistance now, however, The Blick Law Firm is here to help the Greater Tampa Bay community. Our motto is “helping the hurting”. We understand that every case is different and that a hardship can cause incredible strain on people who are already struggling to meet ends. As a result, we treat each client differently and create a personalized, tailored service that will fit their needs. We offer special financing to certain clients that need the extra assistance as well as offering pro bono services for clients who we feel are truly in need of help. Schedule a consultation with one of our attorney’s to see what kinds of services we can provide you! To schedule a consultation CALL US AT 888-973-2776!call

If you want to learn more about the program that is being commissioned by the Jorge Labarga please reference the following article featured on the Tampa Bay times at…

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Short Sale Tips

Short Sale SignWritten By: Louie Talacay

Short sales is one giant beast that needs to be tackled by a unified and cohesive team. Everyone needs to do their part to ensure every document is filled, collected and turned in on time, regardless of the unreasonable timeframes that may be given by the lender.

Because the nature of a short sale transaction, is rocky, at the very least, it is important that everyone has strategies for each part of the transaction. A short sale will require the seller, buyer, realtors, negotiators, closing agent and attorneys to be on their feet, ready to tackle any problem that may arise.

What is a short sale you might be wondering? For these reason the short sale negotiation team, at Blick Law Firm, has these tips for a successful short sale transaction.

Tips For a Successful Short Sale Closing…

1. Price the home to sell: This should be the fastest part of the transaction. Have your realtor set the price to a reasonable value concurrent with market prices. Remember in a short sale, the price determines how much negotiating is required. You want to price it so that it is attractive to a large buyers pool but still enough that it will appraise to a value acceptable by the seller’s lender.

2. Gather your client’s information: This maybe one of the most challenging parts and you may need to get updated information periodically. There are, however, some necessary documents that you should have before you even get a contract that will assist in expediting your short sale. Ask us for a copy of our short sale package with the documents that are pertinent to executing a short sale.

3. Negotiate your price effectively: This is do or die and everyone needs to be on their feet. Although it is the job of the negotiator to come up with an acceptable price point there are things that the realtor can provide to assist in pricing. Condition of the house, marketability, location and hardship are all things that can help the price positioning process. If you priced it well, there shouldn’t be much variance in what the bank is asking and what the buyer is willing to offer.

4. Coordinate your closing quickly: Time is of the essence! If you are lucky enough to receive an approval from the bank, you must do everything in your power to coordinate a successful closing before the approval expires. Remember, sometimes you only have a few days until the approval expires, so everything must be on point.

If you need help with your short sale transaction, schedule a consultation with one of our short sale experts at Blick Law Firm. We know how to work short sale and have had numerous success stories in helping our clients sell their home. To schedule a consultation today CALL US AT call

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Changing Times Reflects International Policies


You’d be hard pressed to meet someone who doesn’t believe in the concept of time. Some argue that time is all we really have, and yet, it is hard to imagine what time really is. All we seem to know is that time has this dynamic effect. It works slowly, at a nearly unobservable pace, and yet, it can have such a profound effect on our lives. These profound effects are what we do observe and indicate a focal point of change. No more is this profound effect evident than in today’s political climate. Policy upheaval and constant reform is the mantra of today’s political scene.

Relatively speaking, current politics has been one of the most dynamic in decades. It seems like every day people are daring to ask the question why? Challenges in the sector of marriages, drug policies, gun control, healthcare, immigration and racial equality are very relevant and contemporary topics in todays political battlegrounds.


To top it off, President Obama has been making quite the stir. He promised change in his election campaign and is delivering with radically expedited policies in the second half of his second term. Starting with the healthcare act, President Obama has been spearheading campaigns to revolutionize social and political policies. Just recently, he delivered news about a new immigration plan that was to be enacted. The plan gives amnesty to countless illegal aliens that have been living in the United States and outlined a course of action that could be taken to legitimize themselves and their family.

Continuing his crusade, President Obama announced that he is planning on lifting restrictions to Cuba and ending the decade long strife between our two nations. Furthermore, he has indicated his intentions to forge relationships with Cuba that will hopefully unite our two countries under common grounds.


Flashback to the Cold War days….

America then is very different from America now. The Cold War tore our relationship with Cuba asunder. Fears of communism taking hold so close to home lead us to believe that we had no other choice than to isolate Cuba. According to Obama, the policies enacted then, were done so with the greatest intentions. They, however, are no longer relevant.

It is time to open up to our neighboring country. Too long have families been split, unable to reunite. The president believes that by opening ourselves to Cuba and letting families reunite, the Cuban-Americans will bring democracy with them, being the ambassadors and torch bearer of freedom.

I believe these new policies truly reflect the changing notions that people once had on these topics. We have evolved tremendously from where we once were. Like our democratic system encourages, we constantly improve our policies and broaden our understanding of what equality really means.

Demolition our imagined “Berlin Wall” with Cuba could have tremendous consequences on immigration for families. To understand how this news could affect immigration policies consult with one of our attorneys Call us today at 1-888-973-2776 or at our website, link found below. call


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Florida Limited Liability Act| iOS 8

Written By: Louie Talacay

20140801_204025 (2)Did you know? The Florida limited liability act redefined the concept of a limited liability company (LLC). Enacted January 1st, 2014 the changes “updated” the old delineations to make them more functional for today’s dynamic utilization of commercial LLC’s. Like the newest update of apple’s iOS 8, the new act modernized the essence of an LLC.

What are the changes? Starting Jan. 1st 2014, all limited liabilities will be formed under the new guidelines outlined in the Florida statutes Chapter 605. The only exception will be limited liability companies that have been grandfathered into the new system; they will have up till January 1, 2015 to conform to new guideline standards. The revised act now makes it more consistent with other states who have already taken the leap into the 21st Century. Thus, the revisions will make Florida more competitive in the commercial market.

The changes expand on the previous act and clears up the ambiguity that existed. For example, the court is now unconstrained from appointing a special litigation committee for a derivative action proceeding. The changes addresses a much needed revamp of the old policies which left much room for interpretation. Furthermore, the new act clarifies questions such as, who is allowed to encumber the LLC Florida and what procedures should be applied for dissolution.

What this means? The changes have a significant impact on many different sectors of our lives. First, all new LLC’s and every LLC after January 1 must be compliant with the new regulations. Limited liability companies also have more specific guidelines for conducting business. These guidelines affect the companies operation and formation. Limited Liabilities are now being held to greater standards. They are now required to have forms, such as, the “articles of organization” and “statement of authority”. As a result, there is less confusion on who operates the company and who is allowed to sign certain legal documents. Even the buying and selling of commercial real estate as well as procedures for company mergers will be discrete. Essentially, the new act ensures no excuses for uncertainty.

Get current on Florida Limited Liability standards. Research Florida statutes Chapter 605. Want to be certain you understand the new guidelines? Get counsel from an attorney at…call

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