Summer Driving Safety Tips

BLICK-LAW-FIRM, MICHAEL-BLICKENSDERFER, TAMPA-LAW-FIRM, PERSONAL-INJURY-LAWYER, PERSONAL-INJURY-ATTORNEY, CHRISTIAN-LAWYERS, CHRISTIAN-ATTORNEY,9More fatal accidents are reported in the summer months, as vacations and road trips cause greater road congestion and road work leads to more obstacles and detours. Several other factors add to the danger of summer driving. Keep yourself and others out of harm’s way by minding the following safety tips before hitting the road this summer.

Check your tires.
Checking the air pressure and overall condition of your tires will help you save time and money, and better protect you from unexpected breakdowns and accidents. While keeping your tire pressure at the manufacturer’s recommended level increases fuel efficiency, it is also important to check your tire tread. The tread should not be less than 1/8 of an inch, especially during the rainy summer months when traction is crucial to road safety.

Pack safely.
Road trips and vacations are often the most exciting part of summer, but overloading your vehicle can lead to unnecessary risk and damage. Your owner’s manual likely contains information about your vehicle’s maximum payload capacity. Adhere to these guidelines to avoid potential breakdowns and damages. Also ensure that the driver can see out of all windows before embarking on your summer journey.

Manage glare and heat.
Store a pair of sunglasses in your vehicle so you are always prepared for the bright Florida sun. Additionally, using a sunshield can help reduce your vehicle’s interior heat. Always remember it is unsafe to leave a child or pet unattended in a vehicle, as they are much more susceptible to overheating and dehydration.

Keep summer allergies in check.
Dry or irritated eyes, frequent sneezing, congestion, and exhaustion, all common allergy symptoms, can pose a serious threat to your safety and that of your passengers. Most over the counter allergy medications cause drowsiness, so talk to your doctor or pharmacist about medications that are safe to take before driving. You can also proactively prepare your vehicle for allergy season by keeping windows closed, regularly changing air filters, and frequently washing floor mats and other interior surfaces.

Exercise extreme caution during summer storms.
Roads are especially slippery during the first thirty minutes of a storm, or even light shower, as the rainwater mixes with oil and other substances covering the road. Ensure that your wiper blades are in working order and remember to keep your speed in check if you are on the road during one of Florida’s many summer storms.

Share the road.
Summer always means more motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians on the road. Scan the road in front of, behind, and to the side of BLICK-LAW-FIRM, MICHAEL-BLICKENSDERFER, TAMPA-LAW-FIRM, PERSONAL-INJURY-LAWYER, PERSONAL-INJURY-ATTORNEY, CHRISTIAN-LAWYERS, CHRISTIAN-ATTORNEY,8your vehicle before switching lanes or turning to prevent collisions. AARP Smart Driver recommends increasing your following distance to four seconds or more when following a motorcycle, and cautions against ever sharing a lane with motorcycles.

Pay special attention to pedestrian crosswalks, as they always have the right of way.

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