Foreclosure Defense

By: Moneer Kheireddine

2015 has proved to be an interesting year for foreclosure within Florida, especially South Florida, with a significant drop in foreclosure cases for the first half of 2015. There has been a 30% drop in foreclosure since this same time just a year ago, and many are remaining hopeful on the positive change this will bring to South Florida residents. However, even with the thirty percent decrease, the region still ranks as the sixth highest foreclosure ratings in the state.

On a brighter note foreclosure activity in general within 2015 has decreased over 22% from last year. This reflects a hopefully bright future for Florida, however the state is still ranked number one in foreclosures across the nation. While foreclosure levels are reaching their lowest levels since 2006, Florida still has a large amount of catching up to do.

So while foreclosures are on a statistical decline, there is still a large amount of foreclosure cases pending. Blick Law Firm is invested in ensuring that you are able to properly understand and prevent foreclosure on your homes. Here are 4 foreclosure tips:

1. Think about selling assets you own. While you may be behind, it’s a sign of good faith to the lenders for you to give up some of your material items to keep your home.

2. Keep up with the lender. When you start approaching the risk of foreclosure, the lender will often offer up solutions to prevent this. Seek proper counsel and and take the best option for you and your loved ones.

3. Ask for a loan modification. Even if the lender denies the modification to decrease your interest or payment reduction, if the case proceeds to foreclosure you will be able to use this in your defense.

4. Remember the rights of the state. No matter what the lender may tell you, the state declares how many days must pass before foreclosure.

We here at Blick Law Firm are here to help the hurting and those in need when dealing with real estate matter such as a foreclosure on your home. We wish to help you with your foreclosure defense! If you have questions about foreclosure or any other real-estate issue, contact us at 813-931-0840 for a free consultation today!

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