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By: Moneer Kheireddine

Over the past few years, the amount of homeowners losing their homes to foreclosures has being increasing exponentially. Since 2006, over 5 million citizens of the United States have lost their homes to foreclosure. This number has steadily been increasing, and more and more people are facing their banks and lenders in the courtroom. And most of the time, the banks tend to win out over the average citizen, due to having much more experience in relation to the practice of foreclosure and already having a firm grasp of the law. However, homeowners are beginning to understand how foreclosure works and, more importantly, how to fight it. This has led to a growing number of homeowners being able to halt the foreclosing of their homes or at least delay the bank.

The most basic way to prevent a foreclosure is by modifying the mortgage. When you modify the mortgage, the homeowner essentially works with the lender to make mortgage more affordable for their current situation. It can be anything from a reduction in your monthly payments to stopping your payments for a certain amount of time. However, once the foreclosure actually begins, it can seem very hopeless to the average homeowner. The basics of your defense will have to be centered around proving that the bank does not have a right to foreclose on the property. How to go about this, however, can be very difficult.

That is why Blick Law Firm is here to help. We have years of experience battling foreclosures within the court and understand the in’s and out’s of how the mortgage industry functions. We are able to properly defend you and your family from losing your property and help prevent any further incidents. We highly encourage that if you, or someone you know, needs advice and a free consultation about a foreclosure defense, that you give us a call at 813-931-0840. We are here to help, and our vast experience within foreclosure defense allows us to assist you in protecting your home.

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