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Obama’s Immigration Program Faces Supreme Court

BLICK-LAW-FIRM,3When President Obama announced his plan to prevent deportation for parents of children who are legal citizens or residents in late 2014, Florida was one of 26 states show legal opposition. This week, the Obama administration will ask the eight Supreme Court Justices to lift a lower court injunction blocking the implementation of Obama’s Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) program.

The injunction came about in February 2015, when a federal judge in Brownsville, Texas ruled against the executive action. The group of 26 states, led by Texas, believes that the president is overstepping his boundaries and attempting to impose unnecessary costs on state governments.

Supporters of the program have faith that the eight justices, namely Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy, will show support for the Obama administration through their decision. Immigrant Rights groups are hopeful that the Supreme Court will find that the states do not have the right to sue the federal government to bar such immigration actions. If the case is decided in Obama’s favor, the case could be thrown out and the administration could start implementing the new program.

This paramount decision comes at a time when there is an empty chair in the US Supreme Court, following the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. With just eight Supreme Court Justices, there is a likely possibility that the decision will be split 4-4. In the event of a split decision, the lower court’s ruling would be left in place, which would all but guarantee that the program will not be implemented before Obama leaves the office.

Immigrants and pro-immigration activists from will travel from around the country to the District of Columbia to show support for Obama’s program, which would protect nearly 5 million undocumented immigrants. The Florida Immigration Coalition is just one of many groups traveling from Miami to the nation’s capital this week.

Jorge Cortes and Jacqueline Lopez are two immigrants making the journey from Miami to the District to show their support for Obama’s DAPA program. Cortes said, “I’m?????????????????? going to Washington because we are demanding justice for the rights of millions of families who deserve to enter the system.”

Lopez is making the trip because she wants undocumented immigrants to be able to live peacefully in safety. “We want an opportunity,” she said, “so we can work and live in peace. We do not want to separate from our families and we do not want to live in fear anymore.” Call Blick Law Firm today at 888-973-2776 to set up a free consultation! For more information, [Click Here] and [Here].

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Immigration Reform 2015

By: Moneer Kheireddine


The Affordable Care Act has been one of the most highly debated topics of the Obama administration, and has been constantly under surveillance by members of every coalition of men and women within America. The promise of free healthcare has sparked both parties into action, and it doesn’t seem to be dwindling any time soon. In recent news, this week President Barack Obama decided to touch upon immigration reform while speaking about the Affordable Care Act. A multitude of questions were asked about illegal immigrant healthcare rights under the act and what is available to them.

President Obama clearly stated, when asked about citizenship for undocumented immigrants, the president stated once more that the healthcare law does not make coverage available for people who are in the U.S. illegally. Under the law undocumented immigrants are not eligible for federal coverage, which also includes medicare and non-emergency medication. However, under federal law they could still access emergency care if needed.

These statements bring both concern and security to many within the United States. For the families of illegal immigrants, it gives a sense of security and safety in knowing that if they truly require emergency aid, they will be taken care of. However, by allowing illegal immigrants the safety of free emergency care, many feel as though this will incline immigrants to remain in America illegally and to not become official U.S. citizens. It will also cause taxpayers dollars to go towards paying for the healthcare of citizens who are not tax-paying employed legal citizens of the United States.

Thanks to the Supreme Court’s ruling last week, which solidified the President’s Affordable Care Act, the President has been continuously spreading awareness of his healthcare law, stating that it will benefit anywhere from one hundred to one hundred and fifty million American citizens. Thanks to the law you are now able to receive free preventive care, as well as reap many other benefits from the new law.

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Cuban Immigration

By: Moneer Kheireddine

CUBAN-IMMIGRATION, BLICK-LAW-FIRM, TAMPA-IMMIGRATION-ATTORNEYImmigration. It has been a long, highly debated and highly controversial topic between many Americans throughout the years. Some believe that we should accept anyone who wishes to enter our borders and become a citizen. Some say we should deny them. Others say we should just allow children. Throughout the years, it seems we still don’t fully understand where we stand, but many parents, children, and families are constantly being affected by our laws and handling of immigration law. And with the United States taking steps for the first time in fifty years to normalize relations with Cuba, some people believe it may be time to re-examine our outdated methods.

Due to our normalization of relations with Cuba, it will become much simpler for Americans to travel to Cuba and vice-versa. That will make the wet-foot, dry-foot policy which we currently have in place not really needed, according to several politicians. While the current administration currently states that the policy will remain, Cuban officials are calling for a stopping of the policy in order to stop the United States from draining skilled workers and citizens from Cuba. Thanks to the fear that the policy may change, we are finding a growing number of refugees attempting to reach the United States before the removal of the policy happens.

CUBAN-IMMIGRATION, BLICK-LAW-FIRM, OBAMA, TAMPA-IMMIGRATION-ATTORNEY Even though many years have passed since the policy was originally enacted in 1995, it seems there isn’t a clear cut directive of whether or not we should keep the policy or move forward due to changing political circumstances. People are still as torn as ever on the policy, and there doesn’t seem to be a clear cut solution to the issue. However, as people continue to debate this issue, more and more Cuban immigrants are migrating to the United States, whether to escape economic persecution or political persecution, and families are being split apart by the current legal laws.

However drastic these changes may seem, always remember that Blick Law is here to help regarding immigration matters. You can always call for a free consultation and we are happy to assist you in any way that we can. Immigration and moving to a new country is always difficult, and so if you or someone you know needs help being guided towards the lengthy process, we urge you to give us a call so that we can help.



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Preparing for Court

Written By: Louie Talacay

It’s the big day! You’ve been anxiously waiting and finally the day arrives; you are going to be going to court. Oh no, I’ve never been to court you think aloud. No problem because The Blick Law Firm is here to help you out and tell you how you should prepare yourself for your big day in court.
First and foremost, dress to impress. Yes, this is court, and yes, people expect you to look decent, unless you are pleading insanity. First impressions are important and a bad one could mean you struggling through an uphill battle with a negative preconceived notion of you and your character, all because you decided to wear flip flops.
Second, be punctual! As always, this one is big and not being on time could mean you are misrepresented in court or not even represented at all! Don’t take a chance on missing your court date; there could be some big repercussions for doing so. As always, if it is an emergency, you must notify the court and you must have a good reason. Sorry folks, but my dog ate my homework and is throwing up will probably not be acceptable.
Lastly, address the judge and jury, if there is one, politely. These are the people that will be deciding your fate, it is important that you start off on a good note. You wouldn’t bash an employer right before they hire you, would you? The concept is similar.
Of course, what you hear do and say will depend on the nature of your case. In order to be fully prepared for court, you should have a lawyer assist you. A lawyer can be your coach. They can role-play with you and tell you what you should say and what you shouldn’t say. They can prepare you for that moment you step into court until the instant you walk out with favorable results.
The Blick Law Firm is a well-established firm that services the Greater Tampa Bay area. We provide counsel and coaching our clients for their case. We provide unique individualized services for each client because we understand that each case is different and requires personal attention. If you have a case and would like to speak to a lawyer, please CALL US AT 888-973-2776


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Assistance for Legal Aid


It is a common notion that lawyers are unaffordable; Despite the fact that many lawyers offer special financing for certain customers or commission based payment for winning their cases, many people still believe that hiring a lawyer is just too expensive. As a result, many people have decided to fight their cases, on their own, leaving them to navigate the minutiae of legal terms, motions and laws by themselves. In fact, according to an article featured on the Tampa Bay Times, 90% of low income Floridians have decided to fight their own cases; These cases involve divorce, familial law, foreclosure and other civil cases.

The idea of fighting your own case in court is daunting. A person who has no idea of how the justice system works will find complications and hardships at every corner of their case, even if it is full proof. Remember, a lawyer isn’t just your representation in court, but they also serve as your coach guiding you through the myriad of forms, motions, counters and claims.

To aid in the provision of legal services to people who cannot afford it, the chief supreme justice of Florida, Jorge Labarga has commissioned 27 members to look for a solution for affordable legal aid. Of particular interest is the demographic of people’s whose income is too high to receive pro bono and special financing but not enough to pay, upfront, the large legal fees that attorney’s charge for their services.LEGAL AID SERVICES, .ATTORNEY FEES, LEGAL AID OFFICE, LEGAL FEES, AFFORDABLE LEGAL AID.1

Don’t go rush out to your local attorney just yet! Jorge has set a time table of 2 years to create a program solution to aid people, within a certain income demographic, with getting the legal assistance they need to fight their case.

If you are desperate for legal assistance now, however, The Blick Law Firm is here to help the Greater Tampa Bay community. Our motto is “helping the hurting”. We understand that every case is different and that a hardship can cause incredible strain on people who are already struggling to meet ends. As a result, we treat each client differently and create a personalized, tailored service that will fit their needs. We offer special financing to certain clients that need the extra assistance as well as offering pro bono services for clients who we feel are truly in need of help. Schedule a consultation with one of our attorney’s to see what kinds of services we can provide you! To schedule a consultation CALL US AT 888-973-2776!call

If you want to learn more about the program that is being commissioned by the Jorge Labarga please reference the following article featured on the Tampa Bay times at…

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Changing Times Reflects International Policies


You’d be hard pressed to meet someone who doesn’t believe in the concept of time. Some argue that time is all we really have, and yet, it is hard to imagine what time really is. All we seem to know is that time has this dynamic effect. It works slowly, at a nearly unobservable pace, and yet, it can have such a profound effect on our lives. These profound effects are what we do observe and indicate a focal point of change. No more is this profound effect evident than in today’s political climate. Policy upheaval and constant reform is the mantra of today’s political scene.

Relatively speaking, current politics has been one of the most dynamic in decades. It seems like every day people are daring to ask the question why? Challenges in the sector of marriages, drug policies, gun control, healthcare, immigration and racial equality are very relevant and contemporary topics in todays political battlegrounds.


To top it off, President Obama has been making quite the stir. He promised change in his election campaign and is delivering with radically expedited policies in the second half of his second term. Starting with the healthcare act, President Obama has been spearheading campaigns to revolutionize social and political policies. Just recently, he delivered news about a new immigration plan that was to be enacted. The plan gives amnesty to countless illegal aliens that have been living in the United States and outlined a course of action that could be taken to legitimize themselves and their family.

Continuing his crusade, President Obama announced that he is planning on lifting restrictions to Cuba and ending the decade long strife between our two nations. Furthermore, he has indicated his intentions to forge relationships with Cuba that will hopefully unite our two countries under common grounds.


Flashback to the Cold War days….

America then is very different from America now. The Cold War tore our relationship with Cuba asunder. Fears of communism taking hold so close to home lead us to believe that we had no other choice than to isolate Cuba. According to Obama, the policies enacted then, were done so with the greatest intentions. They, however, are no longer relevant.

It is time to open up to our neighboring country. Too long have families been split, unable to reunite. The president believes that by opening ourselves to Cuba and letting families reunite, the Cuban-Americans will bring democracy with them, being the ambassadors and torch bearer of freedom.

I believe these new policies truly reflect the changing notions that people once had on these topics. We have evolved tremendously from where we once were. Like our democratic system encourages, we constantly improve our policies and broaden our understanding of what equality really means.

Demolition our imagined “Berlin Wall” with Cuba could have tremendous consequences on immigration for families. To understand how this news could affect immigration policies consult with one of our attorneys Call us today at 1-888-973-2776 or at our website, link found below. call


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