Immigration Reform 2015

By: Moneer Kheireddine


The Affordable Care Act has been one of the most highly debated topics of the Obama administration, and has been constantly under surveillance by members of every coalition of men and women within America. The promise of free healthcare has sparked both parties into action, and it doesn’t seem to be dwindling any time soon. In recent news, this week President Barack Obama decided to touch upon immigration reform while speaking about the Affordable Care Act. A multitude of questions were asked about illegal immigrant healthcare rights under the act and what is available to them.

President Obama clearly stated, when asked about citizenship for undocumented immigrants, the president stated once more that the healthcare law does not make coverage available for people who are in the U.S. illegally. Under the law undocumented immigrants are not eligible for federal coverage, which also includes medicare and non-emergency medication. However, under federal law they could still access emergency care if needed.

These statements bring both concern and security to many within the United States. For the families of illegal immigrants, it gives a sense of security and safety in knowing that if they truly require emergency aid, they will be taken care of. However, by allowing illegal immigrants the safety of free emergency care, many feel as though this will incline immigrants to remain in America illegally and to not become official U.S. citizens. It will also cause taxpayers dollars to go towards paying for the healthcare of citizens who are not tax-paying employed legal citizens of the United States.

Thanks to the Supreme Court’s ruling last week, which solidified the President’s Affordable Care Act, the President has been continuously spreading awareness of his healthcare law, stating that it will benefit anywhere from one hundred to one hundred and fifty million American citizens. Thanks to the law you are now able to receive free preventive care, as well as reap many other benefits from the new law.

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