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Consequences to your credit following a short sale

After selling your home in a short sale, many factors must be taken into account to determine your ability to obtain a mortgage.

Your post-short sale credit score may drop, usually around 100 points or more. This could prevent you from obtaining a favorable interest rate on any new home loan. Also, you may have to put more money down. In many cases, it often takes two to three years before you’re eligible for another mortgage.

As long as you were current on your older home mortgage before short sale, you will have to wait at least two years for a loan that is federally backed, such as those from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). If you are delinquent, it could take as long as three years. Private lenders, of course, are free to set their own time requirements.

Your credit score generally suffers a similar hit after a short sale or a foreclosure. However, most federally backed home loans don’t weigh your actual credit score or history too heavily when you go for a new home loan.

When you are ready to consider purchasing in the real estate market again, call attorney Michael Blickensderfer and let Blick Law Firm handle your proceedings and title closing.  As an experienced real estate lawyer, he understands the aftermath of a short sale and how to recoup and move forward with your life. Call us today at 813-931-0840.

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Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office discusses severity of underage drinking for minors

Is your child approaching graduation? This time of year for many high school seniors is exciting because of what it symbolizes, the beginning of something new. As a parent, it is important to be mindful of the mindset of students and educate them so they make responsible choice for the future.

According the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff David Gee wants to encourage everyone to celebrate safely and to let the community know that deputies will be on extra alert for parties where alcohol is made available to minors.

Anyone that allows those under the age of 21 to possess and/or consume alcohol may be at risk of charges such as Open House Parties and Contributing to the Delinquency or Dependency of a Child. As well as charges of Child Neglect, which is considered a felony.  

Other issues that derive from underage drinking: acts of violence. Many house parties are known for violent outbursts as a result of the combination of underage drinking and lack of adult supervision.

There are many dangers that may occur around this time of year for high school graduates. Local sheriff’s offices will be extra cautious of these situations and encourage parents to educate their children of the harm of underage drinking.

If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, give attorney Michael C. Blickensderfer a call at 813-931-0840. Seek an experienced Tampa Criminal Defense attorney that will properly represent you or your loved ones, striving for the best possible outcome for your children.

Anyone with information about underage drinking is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 247-8200 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-873-8477.

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Blick Law Firm discusses Tampa Bay Sinkhole Damages

Thank you for watching Minute with Mike, free legal advice answered by attorney Michael C. Blickensderfer every Wednesday at Noon.

Today’s topic: Sinkhole damages. If you feel that your property may have possible sinkhole damages and it has cost you, you may be eligible to receive compensation for those damages. It is important to seek legal representation to understand home owners insurance and their claim policies, to make sure you receive full reimbursement for damages.

Blick law Firm is a local Tampa Bay legal firm specializing in personal injury, chapter 7 bankruptcy, criminal and real estate law all across the state of Florida.

The owner, Michael C. Blickensderfer has 25 years legal experience in Florida, New York and New Jersey. Blick Law Firms practice areas include criminal law, DUI/ Traffic, real estate transactions, loan modifications, short sales, foreclosure defense, bankruptcy, title insurance and real estate litigation.

We also serve clients in personal injury, including auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and falls premises liability, dog bites, marine and aviation accidents and wrongful death.

For further information regarding our legal services please visit our website at

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What is a Personal Injury Case?

A personal injury case is a legal contest between private parties where one side is seeking money damages from the other side as compensation for injuries. A person or group of persons who bring a personal injury case are alleging that they were emotionally or physically harmed due to the negligence or intentional conduct of the other party.

The most common types of personal injury cases are those based on claims of negligence and typically involve car accidents, slip-and-falls and medical malpractice. Other personal injury claims may include trespass, defamation of character, battery and assault and theft of trade secrets or copyrights.

Under the law of negligence, a plaintiff must prove that:

1) The defendant owed him or her a duty to act reasonably and safely.
2) The defendant breached that duty.
3) The plaintiff suffered harm as a result of the defendant’s negligence.

Negligence under the law means acting in a way that fails to conform with a specific standard of conduct, thereby putting others at risk for injury. Some examples include firing a gun recklessly, speeding on an icy roadway or failing to caution customers that your store floor is wet.

If your case is tried in court and you win, a judge or jury could award you damages to compensate you for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering and, in some cases, additional damages as a way of punishing the defendant for their flagrantly negligent conduct. *Most states now have caps on the amount of damages plaintiffs can receive.

What is the cost to retain a Tampa personal injury firm?

Lawyers do not charge clients up front for legal fees associated with bringing a personal injury case. They get paid a portion of whatever the client wins, plus any additional legal expenses.

If you are seeking a possible personal injury claim or you are unsure of the ways in which hiring a personal injury lawyer may help, call Blick Law Firm today to receive your free consultation. Call us at 813-931-0840.

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Bank of America test pilots ‘Mortgage to Lease Program’ letting those facing foreclosure rent their home

Bank of America launched a pilot program offering some of its mortgage customers who are facing foreclosure a chance to stay in their homes by becoming renters instead of owners.

About 1000 homeowners facing foreclosure in Nevada, Arizona and New York are test piloting this “Mortgage to Lease” Program offered by the bank.

Underwater homeowners who are struggling to make hefty mortgage payments are giving their homes to the bank and turning around and renting for up to three years at a lower monthly cost.  If the program is successful, it may be rolled out in other states.

How to qualify for the program?

Participants must be at least 60 days behind on their mortgage, have a deficiency in the loan to value, no second mortgage, exhausted their mortgage-modification alternatives and make enough income to pay the rent*The loan must be owned by Bank of America.

The goal of this program by Bank of America?

The goal is to see potential benefits from helping to stabilize housing prices in the surrounding community as well as, curtail neighborhood blight by keeping a portion of distressed properties off the market.

Homeowners can’t apply for the program. If you qualify, Bank of America will contact you. Fannie Mae has a similar program, though it is not widely used.

Will this program work?

Depends on the homeowner’s individual circumstance. While some might want to stay in their home, others might be better off moving.

How will the bank benefit?

Bank of America will avoid costs of foreclosure and earn money when the home is eventually sold.

Although this program is not yet available in Florida, contact a Tampa real estate attorney today to discuss your housing options.  Attorney Michael Blickensderfer is experienced and able to assist you with your short sale transactions, loan modification or foreclosure defense. Call us today at 813-931-0840.

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What options do I have to stay in my home?

Thank you for watching Minute with Mike, free legal advice answered by attorney Michael C. Blickensderfer every Wednesday at Noon.

Whether you are looking into leaving or staying in your home, you should check out all your options.

Blick Law Firm provides top legal council for those seeking Loan Modification options, looking to do a Short Sale on their home, or assisting those in Foreclosure Defense.

With over 25 years legal experience, Attorney Michael C Blickensderfer can assist you with guiding you in the right direction, considering what is best for you and your loved ones.

Blick law Firm is a local Tampa Bay law firm specializing in personal injury, criminal law, Chapter 7 bankruptcy and real estate law all across the state of Florida.

For further information regarding real estate law and your options to keep your home or sell, please visit our website at or call 813-931-0840.

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