Tampa X-ray machine on steriods stops arrestees from putting just anything in their body

Hard to swallow, but now, easy to find: MyFoxTAMPABAY.com

Tampa- Local county jails experience some interesting findings during old-fashioned strip searches. However cause for concern reveals that a strip search can not hide everything. That is why there is the Secure Pass.

In Pasco County Jail recent arrestee, Sherese Hutchinson was found with a syringe, five baggies and a piece of tin foil, all inside her body.

Many who are booked for jail try to bring things of the outside world with them whether it be drugs or weapons. But the new Secure Pass should limit this problem.

“This is an x-ray machine on steroids,” remarked Sheriff Chris Nocco.

The x-ray machine scanner shows images that appears on a screen within the jail’s booking area, and within a few hours any suspected drug smugglers will be caught.

This year, two dozen cases of people trying to sneak drugs into the jail have been investigated.

The Secure Pass cost $195,000, and ironically, it was paid for with money seized from drug dealers.

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