Tampa Bay Jaywalking on Fletcher Avenue leads to safety project planning

In recent news, Fletcher Avenue between Nebraska Avenue and Bruce B Downs Blvd is causing commotion. It is so problematic for crossing the street that traffic experts have deemed the stretch of road as Hillsborough County’s most dangerous bike/pedestrian corridor.

According to the TBT, three jaywalkers have died since January 2006 and 97 others have been involved in accidents.

About 40,000 vehicles a day travel on Fletcher between Nebraska and Bruce B Down. Crossing the street illegally will not only put you at risk but many others driving between the four lanes.

Since January there have been 3,722 jaywalking warnings and 761 citations at $49.50 each.

What is being done to prevent jaywalking?

A $4 million plan is being put into action to prevent jaywalking. The work will include: five mid-block pedestrian crossings, concrete and landscape medians, shrubbery, bike lanes, speed limit reduction, and signs and strobe lights.

Most of the design work is complete with $2.5 million set aside for the construction. Grants to complete the funding are being sought.

Please be safe when crossing the road. Use a crosswalk and look both ways so you are not a victim to accidents. If you or your loved ones have been injured due to crossing the road please contact your tampa personal injury attorney today so we may be of some assistance. 813-931-0840. think quick, call Blick.

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