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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a complex area of law and involves many considerations, including whether to file, determining which type of Bankruptcy to file, the use of exemptions, understanding the protections of the Bankruptcy Code and using them to your advantage.

Many people utilize bankruptcy as a strategy for resolving unmanageable debt. Today, it is more common than most realize and can be a refreshing solution to a debt-ridden life.

When considering Bankruptcy, a Chapter 7 filing is a useful way to discharge of most debt and can relieve the burden of creditor collection attempts. Chapter 7 Bankruptcyis generally available when the debtor has little property aside from the basic necessities like furniture and clothing; and the debtor has difficulty making payments on basic expenses, or has very little money left after doing so.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a liquidation proceeding whereby the debtor turns over all non-exempt property to the bankruptcy trustee who then converts it to cash to pay off the creditors. Usually within four months the debtor then receives a discharge of all dischargeable debts. Usually, these dischargeable debts include your credit card debt, old medical bills, utilities bills, unsecured loans, pay day loans, and most other types of unsecured debt.

The advantage to filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is that your unsecured debt is completely eliminated, the process is fairly quick, and the automatic stay that takes place after filing prohibits creditors from making collection efforts.

It is important to be aware that while Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may ultimately relieve a debtor of the burden of insurmountable unsecured debt, it is a process that requires the production of several documents and tedious preparation. The more prepared the debtor is, the more seamless the process becomes.

No matter what your situation is, obtaining quality legal consultation from an experienced bankruptcy attorney is beneficial. Contact Blick Law Firm today at (813) 931-0840. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation with attorney Michael Blickensderfer to assess what option is best for you. Think quick, call Blick!

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Florida Bankruptcy Alternatives

Attorney, Michael Blickensderfer, practices bankruptcy law. As a consumer who is in financial hardship, it is important to know the alternatives to filing bankruptcy… and we can help!

Florida Bankruptcy Alternatives:

Receiving late notices and phone calls from creditors? DON’T IGNORE THEM!

Talk with your creditors and attempt to work out a payment plan.  Explain your situation and the reason for the hardship.  Often the creditor is willing to co-operate.

  1. Possible options?  Debt consolidation loan  will allow you to pay off all your creditors and then you will just be left with the debt consolidation loan payment. 
  2. Another option is a Florida credit counseling plan where your creditors may be willing to lower your interest rates and accept a reduced payment if you enter a “Debt Repayment Plan.”  Your money is generally deposited to a service.
  3. A third option to Florida personal bankruptcy is a Florida credit counseling plan. Your creditors may be willing to lower your interest rates and accept reduced payments if you enter a debt repayment plan.

Generally, in these plans, you deposit money each month with the credit counseling service. Your deposits are used to pay your creditors according to a payment schedule developed by the counselor. As part of the repayment plan, you may have to agree not to apply for, or use, any additional credit while you’re participating in the program.

Contact Blick Law Firm today for more information regarding these programs, bankruptcy laws and changes in Florida. We are here to help you in your time of need, you are not alone! 813-931-0840.

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