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Attention all Motorcycle Riders! Is your ride endorsed?











If you wish to operate any two or three wheel motorcycle, whose engine is more than 50 cc, you are required to have a motorcycle endorsement on your driver license or a motorcycle-only license.

  • Why do I need to be endorsed?


Title XXIII – Motor Vehicles Chapter 322 – Drivers’ Licenses / 322.03  Drivers must be licensed; penalties.

(1)  Except as otherwise authorized in this chapter, a person may not drive any motor vehicle upon a highway in this state unless such person has a valid driver’s license issued under this chapter.

(a)  A person who drives a commercial motor vehicle may not receive a driver’s license unless and until he or she surrenders to the department all driver’s licenses in his or her possession issued to him or her by any other jurisdiction or makes an affidavit that he or she does not possess a driver’s license. Any such person who fails to surrender such licenses or who makes a false affidavit concerning such licenses commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

(b)  All surrendered licenses may be returned by the department to the issuing jurisdiction together with information that the licensee is now licensed in a new jurisdiction or may be destroyed by the department, which shall notify the issuing jurisdiction of such destruction. A person may not have more than one valid driver’s license at any time.

(c)  Part-time residents of this state issued a license that is valid within this state only under paragraph (b) as that paragraph existed before November 1, 2009, may continue to hold such license until the next issuance of a Florida driver’s license or identification card. Licenses that are identified as “Valid in Florida Only” may not be issued or renewed effective November 1, 2009. This paragraph expires June 30, 2017.

  • How do I become endorsed?

It is simple.

1. All riders must have a regular Class E operator’s driver license.

2. Complete basic motorcycle safety course.

3. Go to a drivers license office or tax collector’s office that issues driver licenses and inform them that you completed the course to receive your endorsement.

4.  Cost: $7.00 endorsement fee, plus a license fee (see fees for original, renewals, duplicates, and replacement license), and $6.25 if applying at a county tax collector office.

The Department’s Florida Rider Training Program has a wealth of information on motorcycle safety and proper licensure. For more information, check out Florida Rider Training Program website. Also information on where to find approved sponsors who teach the course can be found here.

  • What happens if I do not become endorsed today?

**Please note that anyone driving a motorcycle without an endorsement is violating the law! You at the risk of being convicted for a criminal offense that is punishable with jail time. Don’t go into this alone, get a Tampa motorcycle attorney that can get you the best outcome possible in this situation. Think quick, call Blick!

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Federal Safety’s push to make Motorcycle Helmets mandatory

I read an interesting article this morning in the news regarding motorcycle law and the federal safety’s push to make motorcycle helmets mandatory while riding.

Over the last decade, safety officials claim that motorcycle crashes have risen. 4,400 bikers in the U.S. died last year alone, due to head injuries. Federal safety officials want to reduce the current increase in head injury accidents; implementing forceful actions to wear helmets in all 50 states might be one way to go.

Many bikers find this not to be the answer. Helmets can be helpful, yes, but it can also cause restrictions while riding. According to some, helmets can do more harm then good and a helmet can actually make it tough to see and hear while on the road.

Currently, in Florida if you are 20 years old or younger bikers are required to wear a helmet. 20 states require all motorcycles to wear a helmet. Only Iowa, Illinois and New Hampshire have no restrictions.

Do you think a change to the laws in many states, including Florida, would help reduce the number of motorcyclists killed in crashes?

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