Possession of controlled substance

There are laws in place for many addictive drugs, known as “controlled substances”. Users of these drugs run the risk of facing difficulty with the law. Know the law, here are some things you should be aware of:

“Simple” Possession of Drugs means you actually have the drug in your possession or you have access to them, even if it is locked in your car.

“Trafficking” of Drugs generally means the distribution or selling of drugs. It also refers to growing or manufacturing with an intent to sell. Importing and exporting is also a form of trafficking.

Check foreign regulations when taking your own medication for personal use.

The laws also take into consideration where you have possession of drugs, and in particular, whether you are at or near somewhere where there are vulnerable people, such as a school or daycare. The seriousness of the possession charges increase in places like this. As innocent as it may seem, you may find yourself in a situation with a prescribed controlled substance in your possession.

Using an addictive drug temporarily for personal health does not qualify you as an addict. If you are arrested for having one of these medically prescribed drugs in your possession, call Blick Law Firm immediately.We are here to help the hurting and those in need, call us today. 813-931-0840

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