Foreclosure Auctions and Short Sales: Common Buyer Mistakes

During the growth of the foreclosure problem in Florida, homebuyers across the State have been abundantly utilizing Foreclosure Auctions and Short Sales to purchase homes and property for costs well below market value.

When purchasing a home, especially in short sale or auction, it is important to inspect the premises and discover any defects or structural deficiencies prior to closing on the home. Many times, homebuyers who purchase a short sale ignore defects and property deficiencies because the bargain is too good to pass up. Often, this creates problems that end up costing more than the bargain is worth.

Homebuyers tend to become so passionate about purchasing the real estate at such a lower cost that they refuse to accept the risks that can arise. Common mistakes include:

  • Ignoring property problems – Severe problems with the property may exist due to neglect, mold exposure, termites, and even vandals. Structurally, these homes may be in severe disrepair and even uninhabitable.
  • Ignoring legal and Insurance Information- Information that identifies any flood exposure or renovations and repairs made on the home is available to homebuyers and should be utilized to identify possible flaws and dangers that may exist on the property.
  • Failing to have the home inspected – Many buyers are so anxious to proceed with the acquisition of the property that they fail to have an adequate inspection of the premises conducted. Later, latent defects can become huge problems and the homeowner may incur exorbitant costs to repair the damages.

If you or your family are purchasing a home and have concerns regarding short sales or foreclosure auctions, call Blick Law Firm today at (813) 931-0840 and schedule a free 15-minute consultation with attorney Michael Blickensderfer.

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