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Sinkhole blocks off Fletcher and Nebraska intersection

In Hillsborough County, officials have blocked off Fletcher and Nebraska in all directions due to a sinkhole. This 8 ft deep sinkhole will keep the intersection of Fletcher and Nebraska closed for Rush hour tonight.

Helping the hurting, and servicing your legal needs, Blick Law Firm will be here in the event this 8 foot deep, 6 feet wide in diameter sinkhole, has effected anyone in anyway. Sinkholes are depressions or holes in the land surface that are a common feature of Florida’s landscape. Although a common feature in Florida, it does not have to be a common occurrence in your list of problems. You have the right to an attorney!

Call today for a free consultation if you have been affected by a sinkhole on the road or on your property at 813-931-0840!

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Tampa- Protests against Sinkhole Insurance Rate Increase

Demanded to have sinkhole coverage? Is the price of sinkhole insurance rates increasing? Tampa Bay fights back. Watch this video. Is your voice being heard? For more information regarding sinkhole coverage and your rights, contact Tampa Sinkhole Attorney today. 813-931-0840.

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Sinkhole Threatens Two Tarpon Spring Homes

TARPON SPRINGS, Florida – Two families in a Pinellas County neighborhood have been evacuated after large sinkholes caused a home to cave in.

Anitra Merricks says her family watched the ground open up, starting about 6 p.m. Thursday.

As family members quickly moved their cars, another hole formed.

Photo Gallery: Pictures of the Tarpon Springs sinkholes

The two holes eventually combined to form a large sinkhole. Tarpon Springs public works director Thomas Funcheon says the hole is now large enough “to fit a couple of good-sized vehicles.”

Officials say the house, built in 1958, is too unsafe for Merricks’ grandparents to stay in. Merricks says 83-year-old Virginia Crawford and 90-year-old Nathaniel Crawford, will have to find a new home. They had lived there for 50 years.

The Red Cross is helping relocate the family.

The house next door was also evacuated, due to the sinkhole.

Just before noon Friday, officials say crews were able to fill the sinkhole and secured all utility lines.  Engineers will evaluate the situation later in the afternoon and report on a possible cause of the sinkholes and their recommendations. For more on this article visit.

If you feel that your property might be in threat of a sinkhole please contact a sinkhole tampa attorney today at 813-931-0840.

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