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Tampa Bay Red Light Traffic Camera Fines

In 2010, the legislature passed the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act, named after a Bradenton man who was killed by a red-light runner in 2003. The Act authorized the use of Red Light Cameras to record footage of motorists running red lights and then issuing violators a traffic citation accordingly.

Conflicting studies on the effectiveness of the Red Light Cameras have produced inconclusive results, but proponents of the cameras insist that the legislation saves lives. However, Florida drivers across the state have fought against the constitutional validity and overall effectiveness of the cameras asserting that the purpose of the cameras is solely to increase government revenue.

Nonetheless, Courts across the state have upheld the validity of the legislation and are enforcing the fines against drivers found in violation. Each ticket is a hefty $158, but no points are assigned to the driver’s record.

If you have been issued a citation for violating a photo enforced red light and have questions concerning your rights, call Blick Law Firm today at (813) 931-0840 to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with attorney Michael Blickensderfer.

*** For your reference: the following link is a map of all red light camera locations in the Tampa Bay Area, provided by my Fox Tampa Bay.

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Attention Tampa drivers: red light cameras fine without warning

Today is Halloween and the county has given you a treat to celebrate it!  Starting today, the city of Tampa will be enforcing fines on drivers caught breaking any traffic laws at the red cameras. There will be no more warnings like the previous past 30 days.

Citation prices start at $150.00.

Red light camera locations are based upon intersections with high crash data.

Blick Law Firm has listed the locations below:

  • Westbound E Busch Boulevard & N Nebraska Avenue
  • Eastbound E Fowler Avenue & N Nebraska Avenue
  • Westbound E Hillsborough Avenue & N Nebraska Avenue
  • Northbound N Armenia Avenue & W Hillsborough Avenue
  • Northbound N Lois Avenue & W Hillsborough Avenue
  • Northbound N Nebraska Avenue & E Hillsborough Avenue
  • Northbound N Nebraska Avenue & E Fowler Avenue
  • Eastbound W Gandy Boulevard & S Westshore Boulevard

Blick Law Firm is always here helping the hurting, and servicing your legal needs. If you get a ticket due to a red light traffic vi0lation or have been involved in an accident, contact your traffic attorney today or call 813-931-0840. Think quick, call Blick to fight your red light traffic violation.

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