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3 alternatives to stop foreclosure on your home

Did you know that approximately 24,783 Florida property owners received some type of foreclosure filing in January?

This is the equivalent of 1 in every 363 housing units.

Although, Americans find themselves facing foreclosure on their home for reasons they could not avoid, you may be able to prevent it! There is hope.

There are a few options you, as the home owner can attempt on your own:

o Repayment Plan – Find out if you can make a repayment plan. The borrower makes regular installment each month plus part of the missed installments.

o Special Forbearance – The servicer agrees not to initiate foreclosure to allow time for borrowers to repay the missed installments. An example of when this would be likely is when a borrower is waiting for a tax refund.

If you surpass the options above and become delinquent you should speak with Florida foreclosure defense attorney for assistance.  You can try a few more options with the assistance of a Tampa real estate attorney:

o Loan Modification – Provides the borrower a fresh start by adding the delinquency to the loan balance and establishing a new payment schedule.

o Foreclosure Defense – Additional time to arrange a private sale – The servicer agrees to delay foreclosure to allow a sale to close if the loan will be paid off.

o Short Sale – When the servicer agrees to allow a borrower to sell his/her home for a lesser amount than what is currently required to pay off the loan.

For more information regarding foreclosures in Florida or how to stop foreclosure in Florida call Blick Law Firm today for your free consultation. 813-931-0840. Think quick, call Blick.


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