Red light cameras face challenges

A hearing began in Tampa Bay regarding recent red light camera laws. Many attorneys are standing up against red light camera policies and raising objections.

American Traffic Solutions (ATS) believes the new cameras to be not only constitutional, but that the legislation is very clear on guiding what is and is not a defense. However, several law firm’s plan to appeal the Hillsborough rulings, challenging these tickets. Likely appeal:

1) When a camera catches a red light violator the registered car owner is mailed a “notice of violation.” Car owners must pay a fine of $158 or sign an affidavit identifying someone else as the driver. The argument: Speedy trial rules should begin with the notice of violation, not when the official traffic citation is mailed. This will allow for a more time for driver to seek representation within legal deadlines.

2) ATS processes the infraction and mails the notices and citations. Argument: Anything a police officer or county employee might say about the mailings are hearsay. The government cannot testify that notices and citations were mailed properly.

3) The surveillance camera records violators by video without witnesses or third parties present,  making  camera videos admissible without corroborating testimony. The argument: In a robbery case (for example) prosecutors cannot just play a video for the jury and that suffices as evidence. There must be a third party present to testify the video was valid. Same should go for red light cameras, right?! Not necessarily.

As the controversy continues, stay with us to get current and up-to-date news regarding red light traffic laws in Tampa Bay. Call you Tampa traffic attorney to understand the law changes and get the legal help you deserve. 813-931-0840, think quick, call Blick.

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