iPhone 4S violates laws on no texting while driving with new voice-activated assistance feature

Tampa- Apple’s iPhone 4S makes it possible to send text messages while driving, keeping both hands on the wheel.

How is this possible? New features for Apple iPhone makes it so the phone’s voice-activated personal assistant, nicknamed “Siri” can be used to dictate text messages without typing as well as read incoming texts aloud. Sounds perfect right?!

There is just one problem. Texting while driving is illegal in dozens of states. This new feature causes controversy if this is in violation of the law. Some states ban electronic communication while driving completely, while other states allow hand-free devises to be used behind the wheel.

Siri is not the first to offer voice-activated applications available to drivers.  Other applications such as Vlingo and Sensory can be downloaded to cell phones for the same purpose. Ford and BMW also have designed speech-to-text systems for some of their newest vehicles.

The new technologies developing are designed to make texting while driving safer, so to speak. States need to re-evaluate their law banning texting while driving as more and more motorists adopt new technologies like Siri.

Lawmakers need to review whether or not hands-free devices sending messages is any less distracting to drivers than thumbing out texts from the road. What do you think?

According to the TBT, 34 states have banned texting while driving; nine states have banned the use of handheld phones while driving. Florida still has no such restrictions on either cellphone use or texting while driving.

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Do not text and drive.



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