Governor Scott Signs Questionable New Water Policy

FLINT-WATER-CRISIS,WATER-MANAGEMENT,FLORIDA-WATER-SOURCES,RICK-SCOTT 2The current Flint water crisis has many Floridians thinking about their own water situations. It’s no new opinion that Florida’s water should be regulated, but the recent Florida SB 552, signed by Gov. Rick Scott, will likely stand in the way of those desired regulations.

The bill’s original intention was to clean up Florida’s water sources and protect aquifers. The legislative process mangled the bill to advance special interests, tie the hands of local water management districts, and potentially, leave the costs of pollution clean ups to taxpayers.

Former Florida senator and governor Bob Graham personally contacted Gov. Scott, urging him not to sign the bill. Graham said, “This bill leaves the people and businesses of Florida unprepared to meet the water challenges of the 21st century.”

Graham feels the bill does very little in the way of restricting water usage for the more than 19 million Florida residents and will not be effective in controlling the amount of pollutants that enter Florida water sources. Instead, the bill loosens pollution enforcement standards and gives large water users decades to meet their cleanup goals.

The bill will not only affect Florida’s people, but could have detrimental effects on the wildlife by interfering with clean up of the Everglades and Lake Okeechobee. Both of FLINT-WATER-CRISIS,WATER-MANAGEMENT,FLORIDA-WATER-SOURCES,RICK-SCOTTwhich have elevated phosphorus levels from many years of farming and urban runoff.

The flawed water policy, meant to “modernize” Florida’s water standards, will leave Florida citizens wanting more from their state legislators. For more information contact a legal representative today to set up your 15 minute free consultation at 813-931-0840!

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