What role can social media play in your personal injury case?

ATTORNEY,SOCIAL-MEDIA,INSURANCE-COMPANIES,MEDICAL-TREATMENTS,INTERNET,LAWYER,SOCIAL-MEDIA-POST 2Nearly everyone has some sort of social media account, and the majority of users post after big life moments, from exciting to startling. In the digital age, your social media posts, even the seemingly innocent, can be used as evidence in court. This is true in a case of any nature, but especially for personal injury cases.

Avoid posting anything about your case. This may seem to go without saying, but in an emotional moment, it is important to control your impulses, and your fingers, regarding leaking any information pertaining to your case on the internet. Information that could be potentially harmful to your case, and that you should not post on your social media accounts, include:
• Conversations with your lawyer
• Information about your medical treatment or diagnosis
• Disgruntles with the opposing party or your insurance company
• The exchange of contact with anyone involved in the case

Limit your location “check-ins,” photos posted, and photos friends tag you in. In a personal injury case, you and your attorney are working to convince the court that you are 1) injured and 2) experiencing a lesser quality of life because of it. Frequent posts about extreme sports or other physical activities, social events and parties, and regular trips out of the house could make it seem that you are living your life normally following an accident, not in a situation of pain, stress, and suffering.

While social media information is quite easy to obtain, even if your account is listed as ATTORNEY,SOCIAL-MEDIA,INSURANCE-COMPANIES,MEDICAL-TREATMENTS,INTERNET,LAWYER,SOCIAL-MEDIA-POSTprivate, in some cases insurance companies and other parties involved in the case may request to follow you or add you as a friend to obtain easier access to your posts and information. During your case, it is best to accept social media connections only from people you personally know well, and would want to see all your information. For more information contact a legal representative today to set up your 15 minute free consultation at 813-931-0840!

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