Driving stoned vs driving drunk? Which one is more dangerous?

According to the TBT this weekend a recent study found although driving under the influence of marijuana undermines behavior, drunk driving is clearly worse.

While alcohol and marijuana both impair driving abilities, driving drunk has a more severe affect than driving stoned. A new study showed that a drunk driver is approximately 10 times more likely to cause a fatal accident than a stoned driver.

Smoking one-third or less of a joint has no severe influence on a drivers ability. Pot smokers driving abilities may alter smaller tasks like staying in a lane; alcohol impairs behaviors that need more attention such as noticing stop signs, pedestrians and alcohol even increases risk-taking behavior.

Overall the findings have shown that those who have taken a moderate dose of marijuana show minimal impairments.

However, taking marijuana and alcohol together creates a much greater hazard than taking either one alone.

Do not do drugs and do not drink and drive. We do not advocate any of the behaviors in this article. However, if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation call your Tampa criminal attorney today and seek the representation and guidance you deserve. Think quick, call Blick at 813-931-0840.


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