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MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND, ARREST, TAMPA BAY NEWS, TAMPA BAY POLICE, CLEARWATER BEACH SHOOTINGShots broke out on Clearwater Beach this past Monday during Memorial Day weekend. Tampa Police officials report two injured with eight in custody; four of the eight suspects have been arrested.

According to police records, a dispute between two groups occurred near the Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Resort and Spa Hotel parking garage. The fun and peaceful atmosphere at Clearwater beach was disrupted when shots were fired, resulting in panic and chaos among beach goers. Following the accident, the Hyatt hotel was shut down as well as beach access. The Swat team arrived to search the hotel and surrounding area, access was granted to residents only.

A local restaurant employee recalls the dispute involving a large group of teenagers. When someone arrived with a gun, the dispute violently escalated and two shots were fired.

Unfortunately, these types of shootings are very rare but not impossible. Many people do not anticipate being involved in such a disaster, and are unsure of what to do in this type of situation.MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND, ARREST, TAMPA BAY NEWS, TAMPA BAY POLICE, CLEARWATER BEACH SHOOTING2

It is important to understand that a shooting can occur at any place and time. Among the first sound of gunfire one’s first instinct may be to duck and take cover however, it is very important to leave your belongings behind and immediately get far away as fast as possible. Keep your hands visible to show law enforcement that you are not carrying a weapon, follow the directions given by law enforcement to ensure the safety of yourself and loved ones.

All types of accidents and injuries are more likely to occur on holidays such as Memorial Day, and there are many ways to make sure that you and your family stay safe. Florida’s sunny weather brings many families outdoors to enjoy Memorial Day weekend. The clear and cool waters of Florida beaches attract both local and out of state visitors, resulting in large crowds and heavy traffic. It is important that safety is prioritized when planning your family’s Memorial Day adventure outdoors.

If you like to visit the beach on Memorial Day, follow these tips to ensure the safety of yourself and loved ones.

  • Never leave your children unattended around water
  • Do not allow your children to go swimming alone or in bad weather
  • Always have sunscreen available to avoid sunburn
  • Pay attention to beach warning flags

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