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recording-artist-ray-j-attends-the-rolling-stone-2010-amOver the weekend, Ray J was arrested in L.A. after allegedly touching a woman inappropriately, kicking out a patrol car window, and spitting at an officer.

The Police were called to a bar after R&B singer Ray J was accused of touching a woman inappropriately. Ray J behaved in an unruly manner after the police arrived and asked him to leave the premises. Ray J responded violently by kicking and shattering the police car window. He proceeded to spit in the police officers face. The incident took place in a parking garage where Ray J was arrested, the confrontation was determined to be incidental.

When approached by law enforcement, it is important to behave in a cooperative and graceful manner. Provocative actions such as spitting at a police officer is not recommended. Actions like this can be used against you and complicate the outcome of your case. These types of actions can also instigate additional charges. If you have been arrested for a criminal offense, it is crucial to immediately seek legal representation from a well-qualified and experienced Criminal Lawyer. The nature of criminal offenses can be complicated, and every case is unique. A knowledgeable Criminal Attorney is needed to guide you through court proceedings, as well as help you to obtain a favorable outcome.hqdefault

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