Back to School: Bullying and Child Safety

For many children, returning to school is an exciting time to reunite with old friends, meet new ones, and begin a fresh start in a new school year. However, for some children, school has become a place they have learned to despise because of exclusion and teenage bullying. In recent years, bullying has become a growing concern for parents and school officials alike.

The growing problem has gained visibility through horrible stories of verbal, physical, and even sexual abuse that has been taking place in schools all across the United States.

In response, Congress has sought to enact the Safe Schools Improvement Act to implement anti-bullying measures which would require U.S. schools to report bullying and to provide intervention and prevention programs. The U.S. Department of Education has also issued guidance to schools, colleges, and universities, making it clear that schools have not just a moral responsibility, but a legal responsibility, to protect all students from harassment and bullying.

The Department of Education has also launched the website to provide information to school officials, parents, and children on what is being done to prevent bullying, and what to do in the event your child becomes a victim.

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