2012 London Olympic Games Influence: Young Athletes, Injury, and Overuse

Throughout the course of the Summer London 2012 Olympic Games, millions of people have enjoyed the spirit of competition and the thrill of victory. At a young age, competition in various sports and games is common and important throughout the development of a child.

With the growing problem of childhood obesity and unhealthy diet habits, some parents have encouraged increased participation in sports and activities. This is great to develop healthy exercise habits in children and maintain a competitive spirit that they can continue into their adult lives.

However, some children are pushed to heightened levels of performance that their growing bodies many times cannot handle, and begin to wear down quickly. In growing proportion, children are developing early onset cases of Arthritis and Tendonitis, and even examples of Tendon Transplants for elbow injuries to young baseball pitchers has been required for children as young as 10 years old. While it is important for parents to ensure their children stay active, it is vital to monitor young athletes and avoid injury from overuse.

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