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Marketing for your Personal Injury Firm Tampa

Welcome to the Behind The Scenes Blick Blog. Blick Law Firm blogs over the years have provided legal information to the community, which is wonderful, but it is time to mix things up and get personal!

Behind The Scenes Blog: weekly insights from inside the firm. Today’s story is brought to you by Mahayana Sfeir, Bilingual Marketing Liaison.


“I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long as I can be a woman in it.” ~Marilyn Monroe

The reason I started with this quote is because when I think of our Director of Marketing and Public Relations this quote just seems to fit her perfectly. Dana Blickensderfer, director of marketing and public relations at Blick Law Firm is attorney Michael Blickensderfer’s daughter and her role at the firm is vital to the ongoing excellence of daily operations.

At first glance, Dana appears to be this elegant-gentle woman, but she is mu293000_433200156730890_236531918_nch more than that. She is a smart, fierce business woman who is not afraid to shine in a man’s world. This quality in her character really intrigued me and is the reason why I chose her as the focus for our next blog topic. Dana demonstrates this type of leadership daily in her work habits and drive.  She started in her father’s practice in 2010 after graduating from the University of South Florida where she created and implemented her role from nothing.

Initially, the lack of marketing and branding of the firm was a red flag for Dana to utilize her schooling and skills to enhance the family business. To her father’s surprise, it would become a very important piece of the puzzle for the business’s growth. Attorneys, doctors and many professionals on their own must not only carry their education and expertise into their career, but also be able to produce and cultivate business. However, many business professionals lack the creative entrepreneurial mindset that it takes to run successful marketing business plans.  Dana understood the need to market the practice using her well-developed marketing planning abilities to further the family business. She implemented some of the communications and public relations concepts learned from USF, producing amazing results.

Learning from her many trial and error experiments, victories and failures, she realized the success she could accomplish. I commend Dana for her drive, which is what I admire the most about Dana Blickensderfer.

When I first met Dana, we instantly connected as like-minded ambitious women. We believe in our capabilities for success, the word “Can’t” does not exist in our vocabulary. We dream big, but we also know that everything takes time and hard work. Perseverance and dedication is what will get us to that success we foresee together for this personal injury law practice. She became one of the key employees at Blick Law Firm in charge of the office operations, as well as the marketing department. Dana has created an amazing system that I am happy to be a part of, and I look forward to helping her accomplish even more. Like the saying goes “… two heads are better than one…” Together as a team we are creating solid plans to be followed towards our growth.

Dana Blickensderfer is passionate about her work which is an enormous advantage when working by her side. Her passion and enthusiasm is contagious. I am honored to join forces with her and our Blick family to take us to another level. With God there is nothing we can not accomplish, therefore we will stop at nothing.

I would like to finish with this scripture from the Bible that iterates the way we live our day to day in our careers “…it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” (Luke 12:32 ASV)

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ABC Action News Coverage Criminal Defense Attorney Tampa

Today’s story is brought to you b_MG_0888y Mahayana Sfeir, Bilingual Marketing Liaison.

“Helping the Hurting” is an amazing mission statement that really impressed me when I first came on board to the Blick Law Firm family. I call it family because it is really how they make you feel as soon as you step foot inside their office. As a Christian woman myself, I instantly connected with the Blick family.

Their relentless commitment to helping their clients goes above and beyond any law firm I have ever encountered.   When I tell you that attorney, Michael Blickensderfer will many times pray with his client,  it is a true statement. Their work and passion comes from the heart, it is not about the dollar amount, although it is a business and they have to diligently run it, compassion is really what makes them unique and successful. Clients are inclined to refer and make us their attorney for life.

More recently, we were blessed to have had the opportunity on Thursday May 16 2013, to receive a call from ABC Actions News journalist Alison Morrow requesting attorney, Michael Blickensderfer to discuss recent legal ramifications on a local breaking news story: A Lutz man accused of murdering his unborn fetus faces federal charges because Florida state law would not have considered the baby “viable”. 

Our team was more tReporter Alison and Mikehan thrilled for Blickensderfer, who has more than 25 years legal experience and is a former prosecutor and well versed in criminal defense.  To be able to share his expertise with multimedia journalist Alison Morrow from ABC Actions News from the marketing aspect of what we are trying to accomplish, was a true blessing.


Although short notice, Blickensderfer did an excellent job with the interview and appeared very comfortable in front of the camera, so our job becomes a whole lot easier! Alison Morrow was very accommodating to Blickensderfer and her questions about the story aimed at the severity conviction charge the man may face and the difference between state and federal laws. Check out some footage behind the scenes here:

Over all, the dynamic of the office is an extraordinary environment to work at. It is based on Christian values, integrity, loyalty, contagious optimism and cheerful ambiance. These are all traits that are instilled on every employee, which is a recipe for immediate success.  I would like to end with an inspiring scripture from the bible:

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work with us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” (Ephesians 3:20, NLT)

Think quick, call Blick! 813-931-0840. www.blicklawfirm.com

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Por qué contratar a un abogado de bienes raíces?

En el pasado, se pensaba que un agente inmobiliario era la única persona que se necesitaba para la venta de su propiedad. Una tercera persona, tan necesaria como el agente inmobiliario, es un abogado de bienes raíces. Mientras tu agente puede asistirte con la logística de venta/compra, junto con la negociación del precio y fecha del cierre, Michael Blickensderfer puede revisar cualquier oferta que usted haga o reciba y asegurarse que sus derechos y deberes sean protegidos.

Usted y Michael pueden discutir y llegar a un acuerdo con respecto a cuanto usted desea que el este envuelto en la transacción y los precios/cargos serán expuestos antes de cualquier decisión final.

Si compra una propiedad, Michael puede:

  • Ayudarlo a entender el contrato de venta y compra, incluyendo como a usted le gustaría tomar titulo de la propiedad.
  • Verificar que no haya deudas o problemas registrados contra la propiedad que impida el uso de ella.
  • Preparar y registrar todos los documentos legales.
  • Clarificar los términos de la hipoteca y trabajar con el banco, si es necesario modificarlos.
  • Inspeccionar los ajustes, incluyendo los impuestos que se deben y costos de utilidad pagados, antes del cierre.
  • Revisar e inspeccionar el cierre y los documentos que usted debe firmar.
  • Manejar el seguro de titulo para protegerlo de pérdidas debido a problemas con el título de propiedad.
  • Asegurarse que usted reciba una registración valida de su propiedad sujeto a las obligaciones que usted aceptó.

Si usted vende su casa, Michael puede:

  • Revisar o preparar el contrato de venta y compra, incluyendo la negociación y términos.
  • Preparar el titulo y poder, si es necesario.
  • Trabajar con los asuntos/problemas del título y ayudar a corregirlos.
  • Revisar e inspeccionar el cierre y todos los documentos que usted debe firmar.
  • Arreglar la transferencia de depósitos de seguridad.
  • Manejar los certificados de seguro, si es necesario.

Otros servicios reclaman que pueden hacer todo el trabajo legal por usted pero cuando se refiere a bienes raíces no es el momento de ahorrar algo de dinero o “hacerlo usted mismo”. Michael conoce todos los estándares que se deben llevar a cabo.  Aunque muchos documentos de bienes raíces son similares, el acuerdo/contrato de venta y compra pueden variar de acuerdo al estado/lugar.

Aun más, algunas compañías de titulo y bancos requieren el uso de un abogado para asegurarse que el titulo este correcto, no haya obligaciones en contra de la propiedad y la transacción se complete.

Si usted está listo para hacer o aceptar una oferta de una propiedad llame a Blick Law Firm hoy y hable con uno de nuestros miembros del  equipo de bienes raíces. Usted todavía puede firmar la oferta con la seguridad que Michael lo ayudara.


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