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5 tips to avoid auto collisions this holiday season in Tampa Florida

Tis the season, and so is the season of crazed shoppers, party-goers and celebration. The hustle and bustle of each holiday season causes many to become distracted drivers. Risks for accidents tend to increase at this time due to busyness.

Here are a few tips to remember to keep you and your loved ones out of harms way:

1. Be mindful of Tampa Bay traffic. The interstate at this time is packed. Keep a safe distance to the car or motorcycle in front of you. Do not tailgate.

2. Be aware, especially at night, that other drivers may be impaired. Be on guard and pay attention to others’ driving abilities and be sure to avoid any unusual activity.

3. Do not text and drive. In recent news, Florida banned texting while driving. Be sure to follow the new law changes.

4. Do not speed. Excessive speed is a common result with accidents. Allow an extra fifteen to twenty minutes time for driving safely to and from your destinations.

5. Be in a constant defensive driving mode and be ready to react to sudden stops or changes in your surrounding environment.

This time of year is meant to be a celebration for many. Protect yourself and your loved ones as best you can. Read these precautions and alert.

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