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CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY, RAY RICE, NFL FOOTBALL, BALTIMORE RAVENS, DOMESTIC VIOLENC.1According to CNBC, The Baltimore Ravens recently cut ties with football player Ray Rice. Rice was recently caught in a domestic violence assault towards his fiancé. The video was shot in February and recently surfaced that running back for the Baltimore Ravens, punched Janay Palmer, now wife, in the face in an elevator of the Revel casino in New Jersey. After Palmer appeared to be knocked out from consciousness from the blow, Rice was revealed on the video dragging her limp body out of the elevator.

Months later, he was indicted by an Atlantic County jury on one count of aggravated assault; pleading not guilty. After such time he agreed to enter a pre-trial intervention program upon the completion of which the criminal charges would be dropped. Rice at the time of the conviction initially received a two-game suspension by the NFL league that was just modified to an indefinite ban since the release of the graphic video tape. Baltimore Ravens completely severed ties with former running back.

Domestic violence is a serious offense and one facing such criminal charges should seek representation from an experienced Criminal Defense attorney as such consequences may be severe.CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY, RAY RICE, NFL FOOTBALL, BALTIMORE RAVENS, DOMESTIC VIOLENC

In this circumstance the spot light that the former running back received propelled the football team to remove such offenses and negative attention from the team – as domestic violence against women is a serious matter.

If you know anyone that is being assaulted or abused it is important to report such matters to the proper authority and help to stop domestic violence.


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  • Olga

    It’s disturbing to read about the incident involving Ray Rice and his domestic violence case. In situations like these, it’s crucial to have the right support. If you or someone you know is facing criminal charges, don’t hesitate to reach out to a criminal defense attorney in Utah. They can provide the guidance and legal counsel needed to navigate through such challenging times. Let’s all do our part in putting an end to domestic violence.