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With Thanksgiving just passing and the Christmas Holiday quickly approaching, most Floridians are preparing to spend time with family and gather together to relive old memories and catch up on lost time. Many families are faced with the uncomfortable thought of spending their last Christmas with grandparents or ill family members. It is important for every family to consider the importance of planning ahead for their relatives passing and ensuring that last wishes and health care decisions are carefully memorialized in writing.

A Will is a legal document that provides direction for how a decedent intends to distribute their assets upon their death. Many times, people avoid considering the different options available through probate out of apprehension of thinking about their own death.

When a person dies without a will they are said to have died intestate. The State will then follow the intestacy guidelines governing how to distribute intestate assets to heirs based on bloodline and relation.

Realistically, executing a Will for the disposition of one’s assets is an important part of planning the future of your estate. It is always better to have your intentions memorialized in an executed Will than have the State determine the disposition of your assets. Probate is the process of identifying and gathering the assets of the deceased person, paying their debts, and distributing the assets to his or her beneficiaries.

Many considerations must be made prior to setting forth the distribution of one’s assets following their death, and often times other legal documents are more suitable for particular situations. It is important to discuss your situation with an experienced Will, Probate and Estate Planning Attorney, and determine what is best for you be it a Will or Trust instrument.

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