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The legal industry, especially in this day and age, is an ever changing, growing marketplace. Every year the industry faces new implementations and growth that completely revamp practices, promote the ease of growth, and sometimes effect the very foundation of the industry. We here at Blick Law Firm have taken the time to showcase some of these recent trends, practices so as to better inform our clients of the ever changing legal industry and how it is continuously growing.

  1. Eco-Friendly Practices: Has going green and doing more to help the environment becomes a more global priority, many law firms are taking steps to become more eco-friendly. By doing so they can cut costs, reduce their waste, and pave the way for more businesses to take responsibility and start improving themselves. Becoming an eco-friendly law firm is growing to become a staple of a successful law firm.
  2. Social Media Prowess: The massive and growing social media market is proving to be a valuable resource for law firms who are able to effectively use it. By having a presence through multiple social media channels, law firms are able to expand their market exposure and successfully reach out to a new generation of men and women who may be seeking legal counsel.
  3. Balancing Life & The Workplace: Due to trends with the ailing economy, quotas, the extremely competitive market, many law firms are pushing out work at an extraordinary rate in order to stick out from the crowd. However, due to this focus on committing as much time as possible to the workplace, many employees have had to sacrifice their personal lives in order to succeed in their business. However, many employees are pushing strongly for a new balance in the system, including flexible hours and part-time employment options for certain times of the year.
  4. Mobile Technology: The trends of growing mobile markets and increasing expansive use of legal apps and services through the market has caused an influx of newcomers to the mobile space. Many law firms are now attempting to enter the marketplace with their own legal apps, and by doing so increasing their overall presence and exposure.

Overall, many of the new trends that are being seen in this day in age is due to the new generations of lawyers, paralegals, and other legal employees who are continuously bringing a new dynamic to the saturated marketplace. Since this generation understands how to appeal to it’s own market, they bring new ideas forth and push for expansion in different areas. Blick Law Firm prides itself on its stance on multiple fronts, including the mobile market with the Blick Mobile app, having a large social media presence and even our eco-friendly office. These growing fields and changes are having an impact on everyone within the legal industry, and causing firms to expand into territories and reach a market they never thought possible.

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