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While the summer is a great time for hitting the beaches, hanging out with friends, and dusting off your year passes and finally putting them to use at the various theme parks, it’s also a time to refresh your memory of some of the dangers that exist at these various theme parks. While these places are built so that you and your family can enjoy various rides and attractions, it’s always a smart idea to practice several of these safety tips to ensure that you and your family can enjoy your time in the summer without exposing yourself to many of the dangers that can occur.

1. Understand What You Can & Cannot Handle: Make sure to read every attractions restrictions and warning before boarding. If you are pregnant, have a heart condition, or have a history of back pains/injuries, you will not be able to ride some rides. Also, if you are too short, you also will not be able to board the rides. Take all of these factors into consideration before deciding to wait in line for a ride you may not be able to actually experience.
2. Stay Aware: Theme parks can be dangerous places both on the attractions and off. The walking around can be just as dangerous as some of the rides, so make sure to keep an eye on your children at all time to ensure they don’t get lost in the crowd, make sure you are walking at the correct pace to continue with the flow of traffic and that you are not blocking anyones way.
3. Keep Yourself Cool: Many people will return from their trips to several theme parks with severe burns and possibly even heat exhaustion. Stay hydrated with water (sugary drinks should be avoided) and make sure to spray or apply waterproof sunscreen to keep both you and your family safe.
4. Keep Your Children Educated: Before entering any ride with your children, make sure to educate them on the ride and what’s in store for them. Make sure they understand the proper safety mechanics and know how to recognize danger within the ride to minimize risk. If your children is distressed, do NOT force them onto the ride. Simply wait and calm them down while allowing other people in the line to move ahead.
5. Keep Your Head On: While theme parks can be fun, always remember that they can also be extremely stressful, especially on the one in charge. Ensuring people have fun isn’t as fun as it sounds. Children can’t keep up with an adults pace, especially in the summer heat, so if you have some with you, make sure to take breaks! Cranky children are sure to make you cranky as well, and doesn’t make for an enjoyable time. Several breaks spread out throughout the day can help your entire family remain sane and happy.

Remember, keep these tips in mind to be safe, but also remember to have a great time, as the point of these outings is to have fun. Theme park attendance can be a rollercoaster of a time, but the memories you make will outlive the headaches you earn. Stay safe, stay cool, and stay happy!

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