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LABOR DAY WEEKEND, LABOR DAY SAFETY TIPS, LABOR DAY WEEKEND EVENTS, CHRISTIAN ATTORNEY, PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERSAs the summer season winds down, it is important to plan and ensure that the end of summer vacation remains fun and safe. Take precautions and plan ahead this Labor Day Weekend to prevent an accident during your celebrating. If you are planning to hit the road, follow these guidelines to protect the safety of you and your loved ones.

To make sure that your trip is safe this weekend, here are some things to check on your vehicle:

Car Seat – If you will be traveling with small children, be sure that car seats and booster seats are installed properly. Make sure that children are strapped in well before departure.

Hoses – Check under your hood for tears in your hoses. If your vehicle is leaking fluid, it is crucial to have this repaired before you hit the road.

Lights – Make sure your turn signals, break lights, emergency lights, and headlights are in good working condition.

Tires – It is important that your tires are in good condition before hitting the road, and be sure to have a spare tire available should you need it. Check the air pressure and tread on all four of your tires, and be sure to check the spare as well.

Belts – If your belts are old and have cracks, get them replaced and secured before you head out.

Air condition – Temperatures get very high in the summer months, make sure that your AC is working properly before traveling.

Fluid Levels – Make sure that your fluid levels are full, and don’t forget to check your oil and have it changed if needed.

Have a mechanic inspect your vehicle to make sure that it is okay for travel. This is a great way to ensure a safe road trip for yourself and your family.

On the road for a long period of time? It is important to stay alert and focused to avoid an auto accident. Avoiding fatigue is critical to ensure a safe trip, and be sure to avoid distractions when driving.
Here are some ways to avoid fatigue and stay alert during your road trip:

  • Bring snacks and plenty of water
  • Stop for food as needed
  • Take breaks
  • Switch drivers
  • Check in a hotel if driving overnight

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