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Auto accidents can be very stressful, and many drivers are concerned their insurance rates may go up when involved in an auto accident. If you are involved in an auto accident and you are not at fault, your insurance rates should not necessarily go up however, there are many factors that insurance companies look at when considering a claim.

Florida’s no fault law requires your insurance to cover your medical bills no matter who is at fault, and all Florida drivers must carry no fault insurance. This insurance helps car accident victims to pay for medical treatment, and provides assistance in replacing property loss as a result of a serious auto accident.

The Florida no fault law does not apply to property damage, and it is important to seek a personal injury attorney following an auto accident to help you with this complicated process. An experienced auto accident lawyer can help you to pursue your insurance company, as well as the insurance company of the at fault driver. An experienced attorney can also make sure that you get the proper medical treatment for your injuries, as well as make sure that your bills are paid, and help you to get the best compensation for your injuries and property damage.

Senior attorney Michael C. Blickensderfer holds over 25 years of legal experience, and can help you through the legal and medical process that follows an auto accident. For a free case evaluation, call Blick Law Firm at 888-973-2776 or visit us at

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