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If your driving license is suspended or revoked, it is important that you proceed to have your license reinstated before you get behind the wheel to avoid a possible arrest. It is important to be mindful of the expiration date on your license, because driving with an expired license can also lead to an arrest. There are many instances where your license can be suspended, cancelled, or revoked without your knowledge. These types of arrests can cause complications in the reinstatement process.

Your license can be suspended for the following reasons:

  • Failing to pay child support
  • Multiple traffic violations or speeding tickets
  • Accumulating too many driving record points
  • Failing to appear in court or pay fees
  • Driving under the influence

There are serious penalties for driving with a suspended license. Whether you are aware that your license is suspended or not, you can still be arrested by law enforcement. This can cause complications when it comes to reinstating your driver’s license. Penalties for driving with a suspended license include but are not limited to; reinstatement fees, traffic school, and loss of driving privileges.

It is a criminal traffic offense if a driver operates a motor vehicle with knowledge that their driver’s license is cancelled, suspended, or revoked in the state of Florida.

Driving with knowledge of a suspended license may result in the following charges:

  • First conviction is a second-degree misdemeanor
  • Second conviction is a first-degree misdemeanor
  • Third, or subsequent conviction, is a third degree felony and can result in possible jail time

If you have been convicted of driving on a suspended license multiple times, you can be recorded as a Habitual Traffic Offender in the county or state. It is important to be aware of the consequences that result from multiple infractions for driving with a suspended license. Recurrent violations may cause you to loose your driving privileges as well as face jail time.

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