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When my insurance company wants to schedule a recorded statement about my auto accident, should I give one?

In the event of a car accident, before speaking or giving a recorded statement you should seek legal representation. In many cases, if you are not at-fault the insurance company for the defendant driver will contact you to record a statement about the accident such as: injuries sustained, party liable, etc. If an insurance company contacts you to record a statement, you should seek legal advice to avoid jeopardizing the possible outcome of your auto injury claim.

If it is your own insurance company, it is important to cooperate with them to report the accident at the scene; but you should be cautious as many injuries or property damage values should first be properly evaluated. For example, in an auto accident where you have experienced soft tissue or whiplash, most times you may feel fine at the scene of the accident but days later injuries set in as pain increases.

Seeking a personal injury lawyer to assist you with your auto accident claim and recorded statement with any insurance parties will ensure protection for you and for the value of your case. Car Accident lawyers work closely with insurance companies.

Do not give a recorded statement to insurance companies, other than your own provider, in order to avoid jeopardizing your legal rights. Seek legal aid today from Blick Law Firm. Call for your free case evaluation at 813-931-0840! Think quick, call Blick!


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