How do I qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Filing chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a tough decision. Deciding to pursue a bankruptcy claim most times is difficult to face, and often comes with emotions of shame or guilt.   We at Blick Law Firm understand the issues that chapter 7 bankruptcy debtors are facing and are here to assist you through the process.  We take consultation of our clients very serious and make suggestions that are in the best interest for them.

Should you decide that filing bankruptcy is your best option after consulting with our staff, your first step will be to take a bankruptcy Credit Counselin course.  We will help you find an online approved course, which you will sign-up and pay for.  The cost ranges from $30 – $50, proof upon course completion will be provided.

What is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 bankruptcies is usually reserved for individual debtors who have not previously filed Chapter 7 or had a complete Chapter 13 repayment plan in the last 8 years.

How do I qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

You usually must make at or below the median income level in your state. $40,766 is the median income in a Florida household with a single earner and $49,729 for a 2-person earner.  Debtors are accountable to a trustee, whose job is to collect and sell any non-exempt property. The money from that sale is given to your creditors in order of importance. No payments are made to the trustee. Once your assets are sold, most remaining dischargeable debts are erased.  Alimony, child support payments, back taxes and anything debt to the government are not dischargeable.   Blick Law Firm can help you determine which of your debts will be dischargeable, and which you will still be responsible to pay!

After the bankruptcy petition is filed, you will have a small window in which to take a Debtor Education Course, before the actual discharge.  Again, the staff at Blick Law Firm can assist you in locating an approved course, which will cost you approximately $50 – $100. This course is required upon completion of bankruptcy discharge.

Can I file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy without an attorney?

While a debtor can file bankruptcy without hiring an attorney, it is not advised.  The costs for incomplete files would far outweigh the expenses of the representation of an attorney knowledgeable about bankruptcy laws.

Call Blick Law Firm today for additional information regarding the chapter 7 bankruptcy process and filing information. We will give you a free consultation and hope to clear any concerns you may have during this unfortunate time. Call 813-931-0840 today.

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