Florida personal injury protection (PIP) law passes reform bill to eliminate accident fraud

Florida passes PIP reform bill March 2012.

Since Florida ranks first nationally in staged accidents, fraud has raised PIP costs by $1.4 billion since 2008. The runaway fraud that threatens the system got immediate attention by Governor Rick Scott.

In recent news, Governor Scott and the Legislature make changes to cut down on accident fraud. The legislation now requires accident victims to seek treatment within 14 days of an auto accident, or otherwise loose PIP coverage.

The full $10,000 PIP benefits will be only available to those who sought medical assistance in that 14 day time period. The physician that the accident victim seeks has to determine that the insured has an “emergency medical condition.” If  not, the PIP medical benefit will be limited to $2,500, and not the full $10,000.

*Follow-up medical treatment and care will be restricted to a physician, osteopath chiropractor or dentist. Massage therapists and acupuncture has been eliminated from eligibility  for PIP benefits.

This bill hopes to crack down on personal injury protection (PIP) abuse and reduce insurance rate coverage, over time.

Whether the new measure will be effective remains to be seen.

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