Florida insurance fraud results in admendments to auto accident claims

Tampa- Due to the increase in Florida insurance PIP fraud and number of reported claims compared to actual reported accidents with injuries, Florida lawmakers have agreed that there is need for change with the current law.

According to The National Insurance Crime Bureau, Florida is now the leader in the nation for staged auto accidents where numerous alleged “passengers” each access their $10,000 of PIP benefits from providers who are neither licensed nor have an identifiable address.

In 1972, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) was to introduced to assist accident victims and offer the benefit of providing money for injured drivers to take care of immediate injuries through visits to doctors and hospitals.

Due to the exploitation of the system, prices for insurers and consumers rose steadily. PIP claims are a major cost-driver of auto insurance rates and predictions that PIP insurance premiums will only increase this year.

Although the Florida Department of Financial Services have been investigating and prosecuting those involved with insurance fraud, there is more that will be done. Recently Rick Scott addressed this issue and plans to make it a priority to resolve. It is not only affecting immediate parties involved but directly affects Florida’s families, the economy and job creation plans and proposals.

Many proposals are being passed around, one being those involved in auto accidents will have a 72-hour window for reporting to the emergency room, physician, or similar facilities in hopes to decrease fraud. Also police will be required to fill out a more uniform report of all accidents for better insight to investigations.

Stay tuned for more updates as Blick Law Firm will report any changes to the Florida auto insurance law. We want you to be aware and understand how this can affect you and your loved ones driving on the road. If you want to understand more of your insurance coverage or have certain questions please give Blick Law Firm a call today at 813-931-0840.

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