Flashing Yellow Arrows to Hit Tampa Bay Traffic Lights

According to the TBT, Tampa Bay motorists tired of waiting to make left turns at busy intersections will soon get help in the form of flashing yellow arrows.











Florida is preparing to roll out more than 75 of the traffic signals at key intersections around Florida in an effort to boost safety, keep traffic flowing and reduce gasoline consumption.

The first flashing yellow arrow in Hillsborough County will be installed at Fowler Avenue and Jefferson Road in a few months. Pinellas County installed a flashing yellow arrow at Nebraska Avenue and Belcher Road in Palm Harbor in November 2009- the first one in Florida!

Flashing yellow arrows are already in 35 states, more than 1,000 intersections and the numbers continue to grow.

The flashing yellow lights indicate to drivers to turn left but yield first to oncoming cars or pedestrians. It is too early to tell whether the devices reduce the number of crashes.

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