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Post, Halloween 2014“Zombies!!!” you scream.

Parading around with ketchup for blood, pasty white makeup and sipping on your hard apple cider this is the Halloween party of the year! The imbued red and orange leaves make you feel alive and the crisp fall wind excites every bit of your skin. Taking another sip, you feel the blood rushing in your body. That slight feeling of euphoria stirring your senses and you are having a grand time.

**Blackout & Lights Flashing**

“Great costume man” you indicate to a gentleman. Although, this time, something seems different. The loud music is nowhere to be heard and the forays of people are nowhere to be found. All that is left is you, red and blue flashing lights and this gentleman with an astonishingly accurate police uniform.

“Step out of the vehicle” he politely asks. That’s when it hits you; you’ve made one of the worst decisions of your life. As you stumble out of the vehicle euphoria instantly vanishes. A very uncomfortable feeling stirs in the pit of your stomach as you try to walk a straight line that seems to curve in every which way. Finally, he takes out the guillotine and reads 0.1 on the breathalyzer.

Getting a DUI is extremely embarrassing and irresponsible. According to MADD “Mothers Against Drunk Driving” 4,000 people are arrested every day for drunk driving. Having a DUI on record can be a serious blemish preventing you from acquiring jobs and qualifying for certain benefits.

Police are especially aware and scrutinize the road for drunk drivers during the holiday season. They know that, that is when most people are drinking and make the rash decision to get on the road. They step up their patrol to ensure that the roads are safe for everyone during these times.

So what should you do, if you get a DUI? Well, that depends on your scenario. Many states, including Florida, have probationary periods for 1st time offenders. Having a DUI lawyer to represent you can help ensure that your license is not suspended and that other serious consequences do not occur. There is only a small window of time for you to prevent a criminal charge so speaking to an attorney right away is very important. An attorney can negotiate on your behalf and can possibly remove and charges filed against you.

To speak to an attorney about your DUI case, schedule a consultation at…call

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