Blick Law Firm Announces Free DUI GPS Alerts on Your Phone






Blick Law Firm announces DUI campaign to help promote safe driving and awareness about the saturated DUI check points throughout the bay area.

Going out at night? You do not expect to get pulled over. Before going out, Blick Law Firm offers a new campaign to stay off the road and avoid saturated DUI checkpoints.

“Using social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, we plan to release public access information the county provides and keep our clients up-to-date with the current DUI checkpoints on weekends, said Jennifer Dawson, DUI paralegal at Blick Law Firm.”

“Following us will allow you to get easy access to stops in the bay area while you are out, directly from your phone.”

This concept will be easily accessible through Blick Law Firm: Facebook and Twitter accounts. Look for the slogan ‘DUI GPS’ during the weekends and on holidays.

Sample Campaign Text: Going out tonight? Starting next week be sure to follow our updates every weekend so we can inform you of saturated DUI check points throughout the bay area. Make the safe choice, don’t drink and drive. Make sure to follow the DUI GPS!

For more information regarding our new program, check out our Facebook fan page or contact Dana at 813-931-0840!

** To make sure you make it home safely keep your options open with Tampa taxi services: (813) 253-0121. Don’t drink and drive!

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