Deer Vehicle Collsions

Each year, automobile and motorcycle accidents are a major cause of fatalities nationwide. As a result, it is important to employ all necessary safety measures available to avoid or reduce the risk of serious injury while operating an automobile or motorcycle.

An unforeseen cause of many accidents across the country is the unfortunate encounter vehicles have with large animals crossing the street. In Florida, there are many areas that include warning signs indicating where frequent deer crossings occur. These warning signs are particularly important for motorcyclists to be aware of, as collisions with large animals are even more devastating to motorcycle riders. It is important to know that at higher speeds it is very unlikely that motorists will have adequate time to prevent collision with a crossing animal.

If you encounter a potential collision with a deer or other large animal, it is important to brake firmly, flash your high beams at the animal in an effort to break their frozen response to the oncoming lights, and honk your horns to frighten the animal away.

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