Daytona Bike Week celebrates 71 years March 9 – 18

The Annual March Madness for Motorcycles will once again converge on Main Street Daytona for 10 days.

Discussions will include:  “Why do you attend?”; “Do you ride or trailer?”; “Do you stay in a hotel or rough it at a campground?”; “Do you ride The Loop?”; and last, but certainly not the least:  “What do you ride?”    No matter the outcome of your discussions, Daytona Bike Week draws hundreds of thousands of bikers every year.

While staff members at Blick Law Firm understand your passion for the open road with the wind in your face, we want to remind you of 10 ways to be safe on a motorcycle.

  • Assume Drivers Can’t See You
  • Maintain Safe Spacing
  • Anticipate Trouble
  • Beware of Oncoming Left Turners
  • Ride Your Own Ride
  • Watch Out for Curves
  • Don’t Give In to Road Rage
  • Don’t allow Tailgating
  • Don’t Be Blinded by the glare of the sun
  • Avoid Riding at Night

Maintain your bike so it is safe too. Check your tires, chains, clutch cables, batteries, brakes, etc. Failure to maintain your bike could contribute to a motorcycle accident. Ride with a buddy if at all possible. Avoid riding long distances alone. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t drink and ride. Going bar hopping? Walk or take a cab.  Your life and the life of others are too valuable.

Do not be a statistic.  Grow old riding your motorcycle.  Should you find yourself needing legal aid, contact Blick Law Firm. 813-931-0840

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