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The typical length for a car crash claim varies due to several factors that weigh into the negotiation of a personal injury settlement.

In negotiating your settlement an experienced attorney will negotiate medical bills and other outstanding balances to get the highest possible amount for their client’s pocket. An attorney will work closely with an insurance company and medical providers to ensure the client’s legal rights are properly represented.

A few main factors that affect the value in an auto accident include: liability, injuries, and damages due to the negligent party. Towards the end of a personal injury case, an attorney will weigh in all the factors of your case into a demand to the at-fault insurance company. In between negotiations with both insurance carriers the attorney should be attentive to detail and work towards the goal to receive the most value for their client.

Blick Law Firm assist with many personal injury cases including:

Wrongful Deaths Automobile/Motorcycle Accidents
Products Liability
Marine and Boating Accidents
Dog Bites
Premises Liability, Including Mold Exposure
Slip and Fall Injuries
Mold Cases

If you were recently in an auto accident contact Tampa personal injury attorney today and receive a free case evaluation at 888-973-2776. A personal injury lawyer will assist you to get the proper medical attention and legal representation you deserve! Think quick, call Blick!

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