Are you struggling to pay your mortgage?

Have you fallen behind on your mortgage payments?  Is your home now worth less than you owe on the mortgage? Are your payments and interest sky high and unaffordable? Are you facing foreclosure? Has your lender denied you assistance?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, call a Loan Modification attorney immediately to see if you qualify for a loan modification program.

A Loan Modification is a permanent change in one or more of the terms of a Borrower’s loan, allows the loan to be reinstated, and results in a payment the Borrower can afford. *This is not a short sale or refinance program.

Loan Modification programs have been initiated to provide the homeowner, who has experienced financial hardship, options to reduce the interest rate or principal balance of their home loan, or both. These programs make monthly mortgage payments affordable according to the homeowners financial situation in order for the homeowner to remain in their home.

Why hire a lawyer to assist with your loan modification? Struggling homeowners may benefit from hiring a lawyer to try to modify a mortgage or avert foreclosure, and avoiding being caught up in scams, saving overall costs of fees as well as time wasted. With a lawyer you may have a better chance to quickly and accurately get your home approved and modified.

Some homeowners try to take this challenge on themselves and while successful at times, it is a battle to win when it comes to dealing with lenders. Lenders deal with many struggling to keep up with their mortgage payments every day. Trying to work with the lenders directly may absorb much of your time. Those who have the assistance of a loan modification lawyer are more likely to get responsiveness from the lender; pushing your loan modification documents aggressively through the piles of other pending approvals.

With the help of Blick Law Firm, we will screen you to see if a loan modification is your best option and if so assist you to get your loan modification approved. Call Blick Law Firm today at 813-931-0840 and ask about your modification options!

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