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Auto accidents can be very stressful and unexpected, even for safe drivers. Auto accidents can also cause injuries that require extensive treatment and therapy, taking months to complete.

Many people are unaware of the ways in which they can damage their auto accident claim. It is imperative to know what actions to take if you are involved in an auto accident, so that you can avoid damaging your potential personal injury case.  In order to protect yourself and secure a successful claim, here are some important things to avoid:

1. Disclosing information on Social Media: In today’s society, technology has changed ourFacebook  - Social Media - Tampa Law Firm lives and the ways in which we communicate with one another. People can tell the world what is going on in their lives with just a click of a button. Although the use of the internet is very convenient; updating your status, writing blog posts, and tweeting certain information over the internet can make you more susceptible to public scrutiny. Insurance companies and defense attorneys are aware of this, and internet research can be conducted to damage your injury claim in an auto accident case.

In order to avoid discrediting your claim, it is important to practice caution when using social media. For example, do not tweet that you are going to a kickboxing class when are supposed to be suffering from knee pain due to a recent accident. Be careful not to post or tweet any information over the internet that the opposing insurance company could use to hurt your case.

2. Lack of Witness Information: An auto accident can be shocking and stressful. It is important to keep calm and gather the right information that will help your future case. Having eye witnesses are a great way to help your claim if you are not at fault. Authenticate your case with eye witnesses in order to decrease debate with insurance companies. Be proactive and ask witnesses for their contact information directly after an accident, do not expect the investigating office to obtain this information.

firefighter-at-car-accident3. Giving a Recorded Statement to the Opposing Insurance Company:  This mistake is most common. Insurance companies are usually notified promptly after an auto accident has taken place. Once notified, insurance companies move quickly and try to obtain a recorded statement regarding the accident, as well as information regarding your injuries. Many people are unaware that they are not required to disclose any information to the opposing insurance company, nor are they required to answer any of their questions.

Insurance companies are often trying to take advantage of your lack of knowledge and mental state after you have been involved in an accident. It is important to always consult your lawyer before providing a recorded statement.

4. Take Opposing Auto Insurance Companies Lightly: If you are not at fault, it is important to be honest when dealing with the opposing driver’s insurance company. When the opposing insurance company conducts their investigation during your case, they may use photos of damages, surveillance, or video footage of you. Be sure to be honest and admit to any attempted activities that may seem questionable on your part. We are aware that your physical health will improve over time if you are being treated for injuries during the claim process. However, do not deny any thing that can be proven true after an insurance investigation has taken place; it will hurt your claim.

5. Waiting too Long to Get Medical Treatment: When involved in an accident, many people assume that medical attention is unnecessary and their pain will eventually subside. Unfortunately, your pain can worsen overtime if it is left untreated.

Be sure to seek medical attention immediately after an accident.  If your injuries are severe, you must report to the hospital. Insurance companies monitor any gaps between treatments, and will assume that you are not being honest about your injuries if you wait too long to be treated. Request medical care once you visit a personal injury attorney, and make sure your complaints and symptoms are recorded and well documented.

Personal Injury claims vary in severity, and may require lifelong medical expenses and treatment. If you or a loved one has been injured due to the actions or negligence of another, call Blick Law Firm today at (888) 973-2776.

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