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TROPICAL-STORM, CAR-ACCIDENTS, SAFETY-TIPS, AUTO-ACIDENT-LAWYER, BLICK-LAW-FIRM.1Hurricane season runs from the months of June to November and is quickly approaching. Tropical storms are common in the state of Florida, and it is very important to always be prepared and have an evacuation plan in place. In the event that you need to evacuate, it is crucial to know where you are going and have alternate routes planned out ahead of time. Follow any instructions that are given by local authorities, and never wait until the last minute to evacuate your family. Always have supplies ready, and make sure that they are quickly accessible. Medicines, portable radios, flashlights, and batteries are important items to have handy in the event of a hurricane. It is also wise to have a full tank of gas, and a fully charged cell phone.

If you must drive, make sure to avoid flooded areas at all costs and don’t drive unless absolutely necessary. If you approach an area that is flooded, take an alternate route to your destination. If an alternate route is not available, wait for the flood to subside and get to higher ground. Keep yourself informed about weather changes by tuning in to the radio.TROPICAL-STORM, CAR-ACCIDENTS, SAFETY-TIPS, AUTO-ACIDENT-LAWYER, BLICK-LAW-FIRM.2

Thousands of car accidents occur every year due to heavy rain. It is crucial to practice safe driving habits when driving through severe weather. In heavy rain, it is important not to drive recklessly, and it is equally important not to be too apprehensive. When driving through heavy rain, be sure to drive slowly and keep your headlights on. Rain makes roads slippery, so always allow extra distance between your vehicle and other vehicles on the road. Turn on your hazard lights so other drivers can see you through the rain, and keep your eyes on the vehicle in front of you at all times. Stop at all traffic lights and proceed with caution, also be very alert when approaching intersections. It is crucial that your windshield wipers and tires are in good condition for severe weather, make sure of this before hitting the road.

In the event of an auto accident, always immediately seek medical attention and contact an auto accident lawyer. If you or a loved one has been involved in an auto accident, call Blick Law Firm today for a free consultation with attorney Michael C. Blickensderfer at 888-973-2776!PERSONAL-INJURY-LAWYER-TAMPA, PERSONAL-INJURY-ATTORNEY-TAMPA, TAMPA-LAW-FIRMS, BLICK-LAW-FIRM, PERSONAL-INJURY-LAW, TAMPA-PERSONAL-INJURY-LAW,1

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