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Does your criminal record follow you for the rest of your life?

Unfortunately, the length of criminal records have long-lasting affects. A criminal record hinders not only your record but can effect ones chance with job opportunities, credit, public benefits, housing options, and alike.

The majority of all criminal records remain with you for the rest of your life. In most cases, felony convictions remain with you forever as well as most misdemeanors.

Depending on the outcome of your misdemeanor case, you may be eligible to overcome your record for future employment and other future endeavors, such as college.

Juvenile records or convictions are sealed by law in most cases. However, even a sealed record may appear on searches by government institutions.

What options do you have to remove minor convictions? Well, it is important to seek counsel with a Criminal Defense Attorney to find out in your circumstance what options you may have. In some situations you may be eligible to expunge your record. Expunging your record removes a past conviction from staying with you in the future.

Can I get a criminal record sealed or expunged?

Yes. In Florida, Florida Statutes (FS) 943.0585 and 943.059 — and Administrative Procedures Act (APA) rule 11c-7 — outline the requirements and procedures for having a criminal history record sealed or expunged.

You can speak with an attorney to see if you qualify for an expungement. Know your rights. Call and speak with Blick Law Firm for a free consultation to see if you are able to free your past for a new tomorrow!

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