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May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May means school is out and flowers are in bloom. But May also welcomes more motorcycles on the road as a result of Florida’s sunshine weather.

On May 1, 2012 many on two wheels began a very important awareness. Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

Due to the increase in the amount of motorcycles on the road, this causes a new set of safety concerns, which launched this nation-wide campaign.

This national awareness month aims to bring attention for motorists to be mindful and cautious of motorcycles on the road. Not only does this month hope to bring a general awareness but it also sends a message of comradery for all to “share the road” with one another, safely.

This national initiative lasts the whole month of May and is being promoted from state to state.

As a motorist remember:

-       Be mindful on the road
-       Look twice before changing lanes
-       Remember to look for the one-eyed headlight on a motorcycle
-       Drive defensively
-       Blow your horn

As a motorcycle rider remember:

-       Be mindful on the road
-       Drive defensively
-       Wear your helmet for further protection
-       If you are riding in a group, stay close with one another –no gaps for motorists to intrude

At Blick Law Firm we encourage Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, celebrated the month of May. As a Tampa personal injury law firm, we see serious injuries or even lives taken all too often due to serious motorcycle accidents.

How to prevent this? It starts with awareness.  Take time to share with others this month and what it represents for your safety and those you ride with.

Look Twice. Save a life. Call 813-931-0840 for more information regarding motorcycle safety tips and how to stay safe on the road. If you find yourself in an unfortunate motorcycle accident, call Attorney Michael Blickensderfer today to assist you with your claim due to others’ negligence.

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