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Beaches, beer and barbecues! Summer is official. For most of us we migrate towards the beach on our days off or lounge by the pool before it gets too hot to walk outside. Right now is the perfect weather to be outdoors and soak up some sun!

At Blick Law firm, we strive to promote safety. Here are five ways to get into gear this summer so that you may enjoy this season – out of harms way!

1) Drinking. The summer calls for some great nighttime cook outs and hanging out in the back yard. If you are of age it is typical to drink during summer occasions and outings, so use common sense and precaution when planning your nights out. Make the safe choice not to drink and drive!  Have a designated driver planned or get a taxi service number and program it into your phone now before it is too late.

Blick works with Tampa Bay’s Cab Plus services. 813-288-888. Let them know Blick sent you to get the best service for a safe night on the town.

2) Bar hopping? Have a favorite bar you like to hang out at? Research and ask them how they will accommodate or assist you if you have had too much to drink.  You never know, until you ask.

3) Car pool it to the beach! Hanging out at Caddy’s or Shepard’s for the day… or just want a quiet get away? Check out the local bus routes and use that as your form of transportation. It is a safer method, it will help cut down traffic time and you are helping the environment. Win, win, win!

4) Road trip or mini vacation? A critical way to be a defensive driver is to get your car or bike inspected. Make sure you check your tires, brakes and windshield wipers. Be prepared for any amount of traveling and plan for all types of Florida weather conditions because you know it is unpredictable.

5) Theme parks = tourist hot spots. Parks this time of year may not only be overcrowded and hot, but incidents may likely occur. Make sure you are aware of safety guidelines and emergency units on location.

Take initiative for your family’s safety and research the parks protocol on inspections. Also, always choose a reuniting check point in order to prevent from losing your loved ones. And lastly, follow your gut. If it does not look safe, do not go on it.

Take these steps to plan a safe summer for you and your loved ones. If for whatever reason you find yourself in a state of emergency, call 911 first if injuries are severe. If you need further assistance or guidance call Blick Law Firm at 813-931-0840.

We are your local Tampa personal injury attorney here to help the hurting and any other legal needs you may have. Think quick, call Blick!

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